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Title: PM - View As Conversation - highly recommended setting
Post by: John Hughes on September 20, 2010, 10:53:01 am
If you use the forum's PM system (personal messages) to send messages to other users, I would highly recommend using the "Display Personal Messages: As a Conversation" settings.  There are 3 modes in which your personal messages can be displayed. In my option the default mode does not make it easy to keep track of messages from the same conversation.
To display all messages for the same conversation in a list:
1. Click the "My Messages" link to view your PMs.
2. The choose the Preferences -> Change Settings menu.
3. From the settings page, change the "Display Personal Messages" setting to "As a Conversation".
4. Click the "Change Settings" button to save your changes.
You can cycle through the different viewing modes by clicking the little "Change View" icon when viewing your messages. This icon is in messages column header bar (where you can sort by date, subject, or from). The icon is at the far left of the column headers.