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Title: We are looking for Touch Screen Designers
Post by: John Hughes on November 16, 2010, 12:36:46 pm
We are interested in expanding the current number of touch screen interfaces which are installed with Elve.


1. We are giving away free Elve Professional licenses to participants who submit a fully functional professional quality touch screen interface.

2. We are interested in commissioning professional designers as well.

Please let us know if you are interested in either of these options or want to refer a professional designer.


The touch screen interfaces must:

A. Be of a professional look and feel.
B. Can not contain any copyrighted images for which you do not have written permission to use.
C. Can not be a copy of an existing copyrighted interface without written permission from the copyright holder.
D. Support:
  -A favorites or "at a glance" page showing favorite lights, security status, todays weather, the time, etc.
  -Lighting control
  -Climate Control (at least 2 zones)
  -Multi-Zone Music Management
  -Security (arm, disarm, area status, zone status, etc)
  -Multi-Zone Home theater control
E. Multi-zone interfaces must use touch screen variables to make the interface reusable between zones without the need for custom zone interfaces.
F. Device references (including binding) must use the default device names (such as "lighting", "security", "weather", etc).
G. Button and other element images should be separate image files and not built into the background image.
H. Button and other controls which support a pressed image (or other transitional image) should use such images.
I. Codecore Technologies will own and have a exclusive royalty free use of the interface. (Contact us for other licensing options).

We will work with designers to fill in any technical, cosmetic, or other questions regarding the requirements.