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I am still not able to reproduce this and have not had any other reports of this. :(

1. At what point do the visual elements get so small?  Are they that way the whole time?
2. Does this only happen on the Properties tab?
3. When you manually resize the window to the smaller than normal display elements change size at all?

Hi John - I was able to fix this per your previous recommendation.  My display was set to 125% (default).  Changing this to 100% makes the Properties screen look correct.

A couple of things -- when at 125%, if I widen the window to full screen width, I am able to read the properties.  Its almost as if the width is based on window % versus panel %.  Resizing the window on the other tabs does not cause any changes to the grid widths.  Also, on this computer, the backgrounds of the panel are white -- on my other machine, the backgrounds are gray.  I cant see any reason for this one..


No - I am using my alarm panel (GE Simon XT -- contains a Z wave daughter card for

I have a controlthink stick - I am going to set up another z wave network containing the stick, the serial device and a single light to just make sure that I can actually talk to a network. 

Frustrating for sure.

John - apologies on no answer from me on this.  My VRC0P + 3 is not integrating well with my primary controller.  This is not an Elve problem, as my older (non +3) version does function.  I have not tested thermos on the latter, though if I revert to using it, I will.  The +3 gets added to my network but cannot see any other devices.

Hi John,

I tried using the updated driver last night but it was unable to find any of my devices.  I turned logging on and could see the initial polling, but it looked to get stuck on ID 3 and never completed.  Im not at my computer now, but will get some logs attached when I get home.

Also, I did have to delete my device and re-add it as it gave an array exception due my devicelist.

General Discussion / Re: What do you have Elve doing?
« on: January 19, 2012, 02:07:08 pm »
Im using Elve to control my z wave network and home theater through iPads and a laptop.

The Z wave portion controls about 40 lights and thermostats (and hopefully locks + garage door relays soon).  My HT is done with RS232/IR controls to a projector, matrix switcher and receiver.  The UI allows me to see my security cameras and alarm system status as well as the weather forecast.

My UI is basically a rip off and replacing of fields from John's demo screens (thanks! :)).  I have added a few minor screens when needed

At some point, I'll add some speakers in my house for whole house audio (probably sticking with my current computer based squeezeserver).  I really appreciate the fact that creating my own drivers is straight forward with the Elve API - it has helped me add some unique capabilities that would be very difficult with other applications.

Just commenting on this thread - I picked up a Leviton VRC0P+3 (support for locks).  I have not tested out the lock functionality yet due to an issue with my primary/secondary controller syncing, but it is able to issue the appropriate commands (John added support for locking/unlocking). 

Yes, its on every device.  I have .NET 3.5 SP1 on this machine. 

Not sure what is causing this, but the device property tab on the device manager does not display properly.  See attached.  This is on my Win 7 x64 machine.  I have another machine that does not have this behavior, so It may be something installed (or not installed!)?

Thanks John.  Is there a way to accomplish what I am trying to do, through scripting or another method?  I have 30+ lights in the house, and would like the ability to tweak my UI in a singular fashion instead of editing 90+ controls.



This is something i had tried to do in the past, but am in the process of redoing my UI, so it has come up again.  I dont know if it is possible.

I am trying to create an inner touch screen that can be utilized many times from the same parent (It will be a template for controlling lights)  Within the touch screen, it uses a variable to determine the light index to use.  This is passed in by the setting the variable in the "Touch Screen" property.  Unfortunately, all the inner touch screens see the same value.  Reading through the forums, this may be by design (per  Is
there a way to pass in a unique variable value with the same Name to an inner touch screen?

I've attached an example touch screen export file exhibiting this behavior


 - J

Not a Bug / Cannot load Festive Main screen into touch builder
« on: January 08, 2012, 03:35:19 pm »

I cannot load the main festive touch screen into the touch screen builder (I like it.. was going to try and use pieces of it :) )

The error I get is:

The selected interface is larger than the current monitor resolution.  To edit the interface the monitor resolution must be at least 1286x1110

My screen wont go larger than 1920x1080

Device Configuration / Re: Z-Wave support ... newer PC interfaces?
« on: January 04, 2012, 02:21:48 pm »

Bumping an older thread. Are there any plans to support newer sticks (aeon flux) or controllers (like Vera)?

I would like to incorporate my Schlage locks and hsm100 wireless sensor into my touch screens and rules.  Unfortunately, this isn't possible with what I have (older model vcr0p serial device and think stick USB)

Some quick looking around and even extending the existing Leviton driver to support the newer +3 version would be great


Third Party Device Driver Software Development / driver
« on: December 03, 2011, 04:23:17 pm »

I created a basic driver for customers that will allow you to arm/disarm the system and read back a list of sensor statuses.

All control is done over the website and communicated back to your panel via a cell signal, so there can be a slight delay between triggering an event and it occurring (I see up to 10 seconds)

The attached zip file contains the compiled driver along with the source code .cs file if anyone wants to provide feedback.  I used a 3rd party Html processor (, and those DLLs are included in the archive.
Hope someone finds this helpful.


 - J

Hi John,

I have updated this driver to the latest beta of Elve -- could you update in the base installation?  The new version is in post #1

The fix is for notifications that were not properly being called for property changes.  Your extra added logging helped debug this - thanks.

 - J

Touch Screen Interfaces / Boolean event question - "press and hold"
« on: April 03, 2011, 07:41:52 am »
Good point, but I was hoping there was a way to have only 1 of the  events fired depending on how the button was used. 

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