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My main PC running Elve is down for a few days.  I may need to go and buy a basic PC to run Elve on.  I would probably then leave it on that PC all by itself.

What do I run into on the license issue?  I don't even know my license code as it's safely stored on my non-functioning PC?

Did I read somewhere that one can download the 40 day Beta trial to a different computer to give one time to get the license issue sorted out?

Fortunately, I have my application data files backed up to an external hard drive.

Thanks for any help and advice anyone has to offer.


This valuable and useful feature works as expected on the basic screen using Touch Screen Viewer on my PC.

It does not work at all on the Inner Touch screens.

It does not work at all on my iPad Touch Screen, neither basic screen nor inner screens.

To be clear, this bug has existed since the feature was introduced in Beta 2.0 some time ago and is not a new issue.



Feature Requests / Add sound to mobile touchscreen (iPad)
« on: September 09, 2012, 09:01:25 am »
After experimenting with various ways to provide positive feedback that a touchscreen button has been successfully pressed and the command actually received by Elve, I have discovered that a simple beep using the existing Elve sound feature does the job well.

At the present time, however, the sound only comes from speakers connected to the server, it does not appear on an iPad being used as a touch screen.  This requires that the server speakers be turned on, and that the server be located near where the touch screen is being used.  Neither of these requirements are desirable.

I'm making a request that the existing sound capability within Elve be extended to the mobile touch screen when a speaker capability exists in the device, such as with the iPad.

If the need to conserve bandwidth is a factor, I see no need to use anything more cumbersome than a simple beep for the sound choice.

Touch Screen Interfaces / No button beep sound on my iPad3
« on: August 29, 2012, 11:14:26 am »
I added sound to my screens, which works as expected when I click on a button in the Touch Screen Viewer using my mouse.

However, when I use my iPad3, the beep sound for the buttons is present back on the server speakers, triggered by a button push on the ipad, but there is no sound from the iPad speakers.

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, or if this is a shortcoming in the setup sounds.

The first thing I tried in the new download is that feature.

I used the button that opens and closes the door on my DVD player, setting the "ignore" feature for 10 seconds for the test.  Box checked, of course.

I push it, the door opens, I immediately push it again and it responds in the other direction.  I'm not experiencing the delay.

I could, of course, be failing to get the modification into the viewer, but I save the screen in Builder, then reload the screen in Viewer.

I wonder if I could be overlooking something obvious.  77 year old brains do that, you know.


Despite the fact some prefer the "tactile feedback" of a hard button remote, touch screens are here to stay and become even more dominate.
As I've developed the use of my iPad 3, I'm seeking ways to make feedback information to the user more foolproof and user friendly.  I spent many years in the broadcasting industry and we used a lot of buttons at all times.  Most all had a common characteristic.  In addition to tactile feedback, they usually had an indicator light of some sort.  Either they lit up completely,  had a small red LED in a hole in the button, or lighted a pilot light next to the button.  I think I've figured out a way to partially accomplish this for a touch screen user.

Basically, if the button upon being pressed changes color dramatically, it tells the user they accomplished a positive push of a button on the screen.  The "Normal Image" buttons on my screen are green.  I changed the "Pressed Image" to the brightest red I could.  Simple thing, but it makes a big statement when one executes a button press on the touch screen.  A step towards what we had throughout the broadcast industry.

Now the problem.  It's such a short lived display of the contrasting button color that it lacks the effectiveness it could have.  I am wondering if it is technically possible to make the length of time the "Pressed Image" remains displayed selectable in seconds before reverting back to the "Normal" color.  Somewhere around 2 to 5 seconds would be the length I would think one might choose.  Enough time the user gets a good indication the mission was accomplished.  I see it working hand-in-hand with the up coming feature change that will permit ignoring repeated button pushes for a selectable number of seconds.

An "ignore successive executions" feature on the buttons for the TS would eliminate some common operational errors.

My experience is with the iPad, but I assume most touchscreens would react much the same.

If there is the slightest sideways movement of the finger when executing a button push, the iPad thinks it's a "move" command rather than a push.  It then becomes desirable to make a second push on the button, but one has to check to see for sure that the command wasn't accomplished before trying a second time.  An "ignore" feature, identical to the one available in Rules, would allow for a several second delay and a chance to touch the button a second time.

The other issue it would help with is a bounce when touching the button.  This is especially a problem when sending an IR signal for a toggle device such as opening the drawing on a DVD player, or turning a projector on/off.  I recently didn't catch a bounce, left the room not realizing it had happened and the projector ran until the next day burning up expensive hours on the bulb.

The "ignore successive executions" in the Rule section has been a life saver for my phone ring Rule, allowing me to implement a 60 second "ignore" after the first ring is registered.   I can visualize TS buttons most often utilizing a 2 to 5 second "ignore".

No doubt the issues I have outlined above are worsened with age, so I'm testing the outer limits on this one. :)

I've created a site showcasing my home theater.  One of the pages diagrams my control layout which is controlled by Elve.

The iPad at the bottom of the page is interactive in that you can operate the screen selection buttons with your mouse.  The buttons that control Device Actions are not live, it might be a bit much to have site visitors operating things in my home. :)

My set-up using Elve is amazingly stable.  I've had it operating daily with Elve Touch Screen since the iPad3 was released and have never had a glitch.

There are other pages available on the home theater site you can visit via the upper left menu if you care to.

I am triggering a phone ring Rule with an Elk Phone Ring detector that closes the contacts on an X-10 PowerFlash Module which sends the command to trigger the Rule.  Works perfect every time.

Now, I have a second phone line to accomplish the same thing with.  I already have the second Elk Phone Ring detector, but alas, the X-10 PowerFlash Modules have been discontinued and there are none to be had.

There doesn't seem to be any similar Z-Wave units on the market yet, though Aeon Labs has supposedly promised one for more than a year now.

What ways are others using to sense momentary contact to trigger a Rule?



We operate a home based business and occasionally the phone rings while we're watching a movie during the evening.  Since it's a dark front projection theater, the phone needs to stop the movie and turn up the lights.

I have purchased two Elk phone ring sensors and have hooked them up to X-10 PowerFlash modules.  So far, they work perfect, outputting an X-10 lights ON signal when the phone rings.

I have configured a basic Rule that responds to the X-10 command and pauses the DVD player and turns the lights up.  Works well every time.

Now the issue.  I only want it to work while watching a movie.  I'm looking for ideas on how to have it non-functioning at all other times.

There are a couple of possible ways I can think of.  One would be to somehow have the rule turned on when I run the Start Theater Rule sequence.  Another possibility would be to have it only work during the two hour period we usually watch a movie each evening.

Trouble is, I have no idea how to accomplish one of these approaches.  Anybody got any ideas?



General Discussion / It just became time for an Android interface.
« on: March 27, 2012, 02:05:22 pm »
OK John, now that I have my iPad operating with Elve Mobile, and flawlessly+, it's time for Android.

I just won a Nook as a prize at a HunterDouglas dealer show and nothing to connect it to.  I'm ready to test it with Elve Mobile II for Android.  Hint. Hint.

Just so you know how to structure the driver, I will want to run them both at the same time.  ;D


Web Site Comments / Error 404 on Beta 1.5 download?
« on: March 27, 2012, 06:10:25 am »
Anybody else getting the 404 error when trying to download the latest version?

Touch Screen Interfaces / Certain graphics missing on iPAD
« on: March 22, 2012, 07:13:18 pm »
First of all, after a week with the iPad and Elve Mobile I am completely overwhelmed with the performance.  Rock solid and glitch free in operation.  I was expecting a latency with button pushes, but they don't exist.  Touch a button on iPad and the response of the equipment is instant as if it were direct.

I have been doing a bunch of screen designing and jumping on and off the iPad and never a glitch.  I can't make anything go wrong.  Amazing stable.

One question regarding graphics showing up on the iPad.  If I add certain effects to a button, it shows up in Touch Screen Viewer, but doesn't make it to the iPad.  A for instance:  In Photoshop, place a gradient on the button to get some highlights and shadowing, saving it as a png file, then add it to the screen.  Looks find on Viewer, but just not there on the iPad.

Is this a technical limitation of the setup with Elve Mobile or the iPad, or and I doing something wrong.

Thanks for a great piece of software.

BTW, I'm running the iPad on High Quality. 

General Discussion / Brand new iPad 3 in hand. Help?
« on: March 16, 2012, 09:07:00 am »
Ok guys, I made the plunge.  I have no idea how to get it going, having never even touched one before.  Could someone help a 76 year old Elve user configure this.

I need Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, type instructions.  Don't assume I know anything.  It would be appreciated.

I have a home network with a wireless router.  I have my screens already designed in Touch Screen Builder and operating flawlessly in Touch Screen Viewer.  They are already scaled to the iPad screen demensions.  What now?  I suppose I should open the box and look at it, huh?

General Discussion / Where do you download Elve Mobile?
« on: March 15, 2012, 11:38:45 am »
I can't find it anywhere.  Just starting to look into the possibilities of using an iPad.  I assume Elve Mobile is part of that process.

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