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General Discussion / Re: The future of Elve
« on: January 08, 2014, 03:58:42 pm »
I'm sure John is gathering his thoughts on these suggestions.  It may be that he wants to be totally out of it, including the forum.  Only time will tell.

I share the view that there is no good alternative to Elve.  John created an excellent concept for home automation software and it's a crime to have it disappear.

I'm going to hang in there until the end in hopes someone or something comes along to take it over and continue the development.

I agree that it's necessary that users, especially those with skills and suggestions, get on the forum and participate.  It's a perfect time for the "community" to become more active.

Elve Version 2.0 Beta (Closed) / Re: v2.0 release date?
« on: January 01, 2014, 02:40:39 pm »
I think all we're asking for is an indication of whether or not there is a future for Elve.

I consider it the best on the market, but if it's dead in the water, it's time to begin thinking about where to go.

The current Elve is certainly very stable and consistent, but technology changes, new drivers need to be developed and new versions of Windows will have new requirements as time passes.

Thanks to a lot of help form our capable moderator, iostream212, I have Elve fully functional on my new computer.  Computer crashes are a little bit like a tornado going through, a lot of recovery work is required afterwards.

I think the attempt to move the old app data file into a new computer and have it open is not going to happen.  There are just enough small things that will be incorrect that the process of trying to fix them will go on and on.

I'm going to get some essentials on a touch screen so I can operate the theater things I need to.  Then when my original computer gets fixed, I can try exporting in a proper manner.  Import with elve wants to see the proper file format I learned.

One thing I could use help on, I've forgotten where you tell the touch screen what to load.


Thanks to your instructions I got there.  I made a copy of the Elve folder that was there so it's file name is Elve-Copy.

I then copied my entire back up Elve folder intoit's place.

Strangely, I still get the contents of the original Elve folder when I open the Management Studio.  Have to figure out what is going on.  Perhaps a cache somewhere.

I can try that.  It wasn't exported from Elve, but rather simply copied to a backup drive from my :c drive.

I had some USB to serial conversion cables that I tried and they seem to be working.  I have all of my drivers "running".

My challenge now is to find where the application data goes.  I haven't been able to locate it yet in "8".   I was hoping to be able to just copy the files from my back up and have things configured properly.  I'm probably dreaming that it would be that simple.


Ti103 is an Act X-10 interface.  Elve has a driver for it.

I discovered the driver for my PCI Serial card is not installing.  It doesn't like Windows 8.  It's a no name board, so I can't find a driver on the internet.  The driver disc that came is too old to have anything newer than Windows 7, and that doesn't seem to work.

I think I'm dead in the water.

Got the computer up and running.  Not real choked up about Windows 8, but Elve seems happy running on it.  I'm sort of impressed with the Asus for the money.

My Elve has ran for so many months without any attention, my aging brain has forgotten where things are.

I have a PCI card with 8 serial ports on it.  Installed it and the driver and all 8 ports showing up in Windows devices as they should. That's a relief.

My first problem is that when installing my Ti103 device, Elve doesn't see the com port list.  It's just blank.  Is there something I need to do to let Elve know it's there.  I've used this same card with Elve for some time with my other computer, but I have no recollection of how I set it up.

My other question is do you know where the Application Data files go in Windows 8.  I was used to XP and can't find them in 8.  I want to import my old screen designs, etc.

Thanks for the help.


Found a local computer with a PCI Slot but it comes with Windows 8.  Does Elve run with 8 OK?

The whole project comes to a halt when I found out my serial expansion card is PCI and not PCI Express.

Thanks for your patience and help.

Yes it helps.  I've probably had the trial loaded sometime in the distant past.  Is it possible I could already be locked out from a time standpoint?

BTW, it's great to have you moderating the forum.  I think it's a major step forward.

I hate to beat this to death, but are you confirming it's possible to download the 2.0 Beta and use it on a new computer for a few days while getting the license activation in order.

If so, that solves the issue.

I suppose I should ask if Elve runs on Windows 8 since that's what everything seems to come with?

Just so I have a clearer understanduing of timing, is the resetting done electronically, like instantly, or does it have to wait a day or two for human intervention?  Can I go out and buy a computer today and have Elve up and running in a couple of hours on it?  That's what I'm trying to get straight in my mind.

I have the entire Application files on a seperate external drive so I shoudn't have any trouble with instant configuration.

In answer to your question, yes I am to the point of changing my approach to gain more emergency safety.  Elve is without question the most reliable, smoothest, we'll thought out, trouble free, elegantly designed HA software on the market. I'm 77 years old and not a computer programmer and I have complete success with it.  But, I want a life raft I can have control of, or at least a pre-determined pathway to launching it should the ship start to suddenly sink.  That may have to do with a 40 year career in broadcasting where every thing we did had an emergency back up that was instantly available.

Thanks.  I'm contemplating what I want to do.  The risks of dealing with license activation issues caused me to back away a little since I wasn't sure how long it might take to resolve.  There's no sense in buying a $1000 computer to get back up in operation on an emergency basis if getting Elve moved over should end up becoming a bottleneck.

So, I'm back to the primitve world of running everything manually except the home theater where we run a film every night.  It's completly dead as some things have no way of being operated other than with Elve.

This was an issue I hadn't thought about.  It going to make me rethink my whole approach to HA. 

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