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General Discussion / We just hit 60 built in drivers
« on: April 18, 2010, 10:10:21 pm »
Version 0.21.1 will include 60 device drivers and more to come. :)

This does not include third party drivers such as xPL, ISY, and others.

Web Site Comments / Should the WIKI be editable by public?
« on: April 18, 2010, 10:09:28 am »
We've had a request for the WIKI to be open to the public for editing or at least to a few new moderators.  The wiki also supports a commenting system.

We are open to this and are interested in your thoughts.

It has come to our attention that the User Account checkbox for allowing access to the RESTful web service was backwards in version 0.21 and before. If the checkbox was NOT checked then the user would have access to the RESTful web service... this is backwards for the intended functionality.

In version 0.21.1 and later this will be fixed. Please review each of your user accounts after upgrading.

General Discussion / Internet Explorer issues with the site are fixed
« on: April 13, 2010, 11:18:18 pm »
We had some reports of Internet Explorer not working with our site sometimes.  We believe we have fixed the issue. Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.


Feature Requests / READ FIRST: How to request new features.
« on: April 13, 2010, 12:23:18 am »
Here are a few rules for posting feature requests which will help us greatly.

Topic Title
The topic title should indicate the gist of the request. A short but clear topic title will ensure your request is not overlooked and easier to reference/find.
  • Good Example: Add multi-zone audio support to System Media Player Driver
  • Bad Example: I have an idea
Post One Request Per Topic
When posting more than one unrelated feature request be sure to create a separate topic for each request.  Discussions often follow a request and it can be confusing when there are more than one request in a single topic. This will also make it easier to create more accurate topic titles (see above).

Fully Explain
It's important to explain the feature you want fully and carefully to avoid confusion and misinterpretations. If your request is not trivial then please explain how you envision the feature working and fitting into the software. It isn't your job to design the software but for us to do our job we need to fully understand the request.

Examples can be extremely helpful after explaining your request.

Feel free to comment on other users requests. The best way to get your request added is if it is accepted by a majority of the community and it is clearly defined with a good discussion.

Please understand that if we indicate that your request will not make it into the next version it does not mean that is will not be added in a future version. We have a long list of requests and we are constantly updating our priority list.

Thank you for your cooperation.

General Discussion / MOVED: What's in the works?
« on: April 12, 2010, 11:50:52 pm »
This topic has been moved to Feature Requests.

Please post feature requests in our new Feature Request board.


General Discussion / MOVED: Iviewer
« on: April 12, 2010, 11:34:20 pm »

Applied Requests / Elve 1.0 is feature frozen
« on: April 12, 2010, 11:29:50 pm »
While we appreciate all feature requests from our users, Elve 1.0 is currently in its final development phase, meaning it's feature frozen and the developers focus mainly on tying up loose ends and fixing bugs. This means reading and replying to feature requests will not be a priority of the developers before Elve 1.0 goes gold.

Requests are welcome and may make it into minor post v1.0 Elve updates.

Bug reports for pre 1.0 betas are very welcome in this development phase. Those may be posted in our bug reports board.

Bug Reports / READ FIRST: How to post a bug report
« on: April 12, 2010, 11:25:20 pm »
We try hard to ensure that there are as few bugs as possible before a new version of Elve is released. Unfortunately however some bugs do slip through, so we greatly appreciate the help from members of the SMF community, by reporting any issues found while using Elve, to the team. Sometimes, these reports do not contain enough information that would be vital in assisting the team in troubleshooting the issue. This topic will guide you in helping us to isolate the problem with our software. Thus, this gives us a detailed bug report to our developers.

Search First
Be sure to search for topics which may already address the issue you would like to report.  If you find an existing topic feel free to add any additional information.

Post Bugs In Separate Topics
If you are posting about 2 unrelated bugs please create a separate topic for each bug. This will help us keep things organized and will reduce confusion.

Latest Version
When reporting a bug, please make sure you are using the latest version of Elve. If you are beta testing a release, make sure you are using the most up-to-date beta release.

3rd Party Drivers
This is not the place to report bugs or issues with third party drivers. Please direct these reports to the developer of the device driver.

Application or Service
Please identify which application or service the bug appears to be in.

Device Drivers
If the bug appears to be in a device driver please post your device driver configuration report. There is a toolbar icon for this in the devices window. If the bug occurs when accessing a specific device property or method please specify the property or method name exactly as it appears.

Touch Screen Interfaces
If the bug occurs in a specific control type please be sure to specify the control type exactly as it appears in the Touch Screen Builder application, such as Label or Loader Radio Button. If a user interface element is not updating properly please use the diagnostics tools in Elve Management Studio to determine if the associated values in the device are accurate and indicate this in the report.

Rules, Scenes, or Action List Editor
If the bug appears to be in a a rule, scene or the action list editor, please post the associated report using the toolbar icon in the related application window.

Error Logs
It is important to know that there are usually errors that are generated when bugs occur. Please include any errors from the Event Viewer in the Elve Management Studio application that might be relevant to the bug.

By providing us with this information will make sure that your bug report is able to be looked at quickly and swiftly and the possibility of it being considered a support issue is far less.


News and Updates / Version 0.21 is now available
« on: April 10, 2010, 06:39:38 pm »
Elve v0.21 is now available for download.

Elve, formerly known as J9 Automation Engine is now available at with free time-limited licenses during the public beta period.

IMPORTANT: After upgrading to version 0.21, each Elve user account must be edited, choose a default touch screen and save. You must save each user account even if you do not change the default touch screen. The user will not have access to touch screens until this is done.

This version has been updated to include our new name, graphics, installation path and other changes related to our new name. Running setup.exe will upgrade your previous J9AE version and migrate your configuration files.

Major changes below have been highlighted blue.

Touch Screen Viewer
* Added new Media Player Seek Slider control.
* Added new Media Player Track Position control. Ex: 1:34
* The On-screen keyboard tab key now tabs to the next text entry field for non-multiline controls.
* Numerous usability improvements to the Sign-In interface.
* In windowed mode the touch screen is centered each time a new one is loaded.
* Fixed: The Media Browser control inadvertently allowed navigating out of the valid page range.
* Fixed: A shown on-screen keyboard is now removed when changing touch screens.
* Fixed: Nested popups were not working.

Touch Screen Viewer Lite
* The Pocket PC app no longer needs to be restarted after changing the settings.
* Fixed: Toggle fullscreen mode was not working in the PC app.
* Fixed: Connection failure messages are now shown in the PC app and PocketPC app.
* Fixed: The PC app not longer tries to reconnect after a bad username/password.
* Fixed: On rare occasions the ppc app could crash during screen interaction after failing to connect.
* Fixed: Nested popups were not working.

Touch Screen Builder
* Touch Screens are now saved/loaded using a hierarchical filesystem-like naming convention. You must edit and resave all your user accounts to ensure they their associated touch screen setting are valid since touch screen names now require a full path.
* The look of a transparent background can now be set to black, white, gray, and several checkered sizes.
* Fixed: Setting an image's opacity when the regional settings used a non-period as the decimal separator would cause an error when the control was edited.
* Fixed: The inner touch screen control was inadvertently loading the specified touch screen.

* Fixed: The IR Library window's delay field was incorrectly allowing decimal numbers to be entered.
* For a first time installation, the admin account's default touch screen now defaults to "\General Purpose Sample\General Purpose Main".

Setup Installer
* Fixed: The installer was installing all items even if unchecked.

* Scripting error descriptions now include a snippet of the line with the error.

Production Drivers
* All production drivers have had their version number increased to 1.0.

iTunes Support
* Added support for named playlists.

Russound Support
* Updated for XM radio support.

CM15A Support
* Outgoing commands are now logged.

* Fixed: The log entries are now date stamped with a higher precision resulting is better ordering for events which occur within the same millisecond.

RESTful Web Service
* All requests now return xml, see the documentation for changes.
* All date formats are now consistent, see the documentation for changes.

3rd Party Drivers
* 3rd Party drivers should now be placed in a "Drivers" subdirectory in the program files path.

Driver SDK
* Fixed: The SerialCommunication class's connection monitoring system was failing to send the bytes specified in ConnectionMonitorTestBytes.

Built-in Web Server
* Fixed: The web server did not work on Windows 7.
Thanks for all the great user feedback and user provided device drivers.  If you are a .net software developer and are interested in a free software license, please see the Device Driver Development Incentive Program.


If you have developed an Elve device driver and are interested in sharing it with the Elve community, we would be happy to award you for your community contribution.

Submitting your driver for inclusion in the Elve installer will give your driver more exposure, a simpler installation process for users, and your name is kept stamped within the driver as the author giving you credit for your contribution.

Once a driver is submitted to us for inclusion within Elve it is normally considered open source. Anyone in the Elve community is welcome to the driver source code and to make changes to it.

Community Contribution Award
As an incentive to those who submit nontrivial device drivers, a free license to the v1 software product will be given in exchange for granting the right to include the driver source code in the product as a built-in driver, to reproduce, modify and create derivative works from at no cost, royalty free, and without limitations, and providing continued support for driver bugs.

While the Elve Enthusiast license is normally awarded, those contributors who produce exceptional drivers, support, and/or multiple drivers may be awarded an Elve Professional (Residential) license at the discretion of the Codecore Technologies staff.

Drivers should be in a form that is usable by the community and not just the author's unique environment.

Getting Started
Sometimes developers will send their initial templated driver and we'll tweak it to get them started. Others request that we template the driver for them to get them started.

We would work with the developer on developing the driver by doing code reviews and making tweaks to the source code to provide assistance. During the continued support of the driver, any modifications to the driver source code would be available to the driver developer.

The Device Driver Development Documentation can be found here.

If you are interested please send me a PM.

Thank you for your your interest in developing device drivers.


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