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This question was asked recently so I thought I would start a topic on it. I can't get into the deep details since I have not installed Dragon in many years but I can give the basics.

There are many ways to interface third party applications and devices with Elve. Elve provides a driver SDK, a web service, a persistent tcp connection, and the ElveCommandLine.exe application.

While there is no built-in voice control in Elve you can interface the Dragon software with Elve. The simplest (while probably not the most elegant) would be use Dragon to execute the ElveCommandLine.exe application and pass it the name of a Scene to run.

For example if you say "Turn on Kitchen Light" you could create a Scene for that command in Elve and then execute the following command line:

Code: [Select]
c:\program files\elve\ElveCommandLine.exe username password runscene Turn_On_Kitchen_Light
On a 64 bit OS the exe will be located in c:\program files (x86)\Elve.  You may run the exe without any command line parameters to get the command line syntax help.

Here are the command line parameters for ElveCommandLine.exe:

ElveCommandLine.exe <username> <password> <command> [parameters]
The user must be granted permission to the 3rd party web service.

    RunScene : Runs the specified scene.
      PARAMETER: The scene's scripting identifier.
      EXAMPLE: ElveCommandLine.exe joe lizard runscene Turn_Off_All_Lights

    RunScript : Runs the specified script.
      PARAMETER: The script to run. It's usually a good idea to wrap it in quotation marks. Inner quotation marks must be escaped with a backslash character \.
      EXAMPLE: ElveCommandLine.exe joe lizard runscript "return \"Hello\";
      EXAMPLE: ElveCommandLine.exe joe lizard runscript "lighting.TurnOnLight(12);"

To use the ElveCommandLine.exe application you must check the checkbox in the user's account in Elve Management Studio which grants permission to the 3rd party web service.

PS: On a side note I did create a voice control driver using Microsoft's voice engine however it was not very accurate and it could not be run in a service (it required a desktop app to be running) therefore it was never fully implemented or released for Elve.

Elve Version 2.0 Beta (Closed) / Elve 2.0 Features
« on: May 23, 2012, 01:01:47 pm »
This thread shows the upcoming features in Elve 2.0 and is currently only available to a select few users.

Most of these features have not been publicly announced.

Do not repost any information from this thread unless it has already been publicly announced.

Please post feedback in within the 'Elve Version 2.0 Beta' board.

The version 2.0 beta is now publicly available. Please disregard any "(Confidential)" tags in this post.


There has been some discussion on the evolution of the Elve Mobile for Android application and how the hardware Back button should function.

This discussion was start at the end of the thread at this link.

I started this thread as a place to discuss how the back button should work. I've added a small poll and I would be happy to add more options... just let me know.

I set the poll so that you can change your vote later if you change your mind or if we add new poll options.

News and Updates / Elve Mobile for Android
« on: May 10, 2012, 01:08:54 pm »
We are proud to officially announce "Elve Mobile" for Android. The application is now available as a free application in Google Play.

About Elve
Elve is an internet enabled control, automation, and media management solution providing automated and remote control for all your home automation and home theater devices. Elve can control your lighting & electrical, media players, security system, home theater, infrared devices, multi-room audio, thermostats, irrigation and more.

About Elve Mobile
Elve Mobile for Android provides a rich visual touch screen interface for controlling your Elve system and viewing system information from anywhere in the world. User's can use one of the touch screen interfaces provided with the system or can create their own, or use touch screen interfaces that have been created by other users.

Elve Mobile is a thin client application which sends user interactions such as screen touches to the Elve Touch Service, which are then processed and screen changes are sent back to your mobile device for displaying. Elve Touch Service also keeps you up to date by sending screen updates when system changes occur, such as indicating a light turned on.

- Elve Mobile REQUIRES that the ElveTouch Service be installed, running, and accessible to use this app. The Elve Touch Service is a component of the Elve automation and control solution.
- Android 2.2 or later
- A WiFi connection or wireless data plan is required.

More information:
o Google Play
o Elve Website
o Elve Mobile for Android Documentation
o Community Support Forum

Thank you for the great user feedback during our initial quiet Elve Mobile beta. We have implemented many of the user requests and look forward to providing more features in the future.

We have a basic Elve Mobile for Android app working on Android 2.2 and newer devices. :)

As many of you know we don't usually announce what is going on "behind the scenes" during development however due to the large push for an android app and having already announced it was a top priority after v1.5...

The Elve touch screen interface portion of the app is working. You can see the touch screen interface, press buttons, move sliders, etc. It chooses the proper screen orientation based on the interface dimensions, and automatically scales the image to proportionally fit the screen.

What's left? At a minimum we still need to add a settings screen to the application and do broader device testing.  The app does not currently support zoom & scroll like the iOS app does but we are looking into. Unfortunately Android does not have a built in solution for this like iOS does (at least not in Android 2.2). We would be interested in your thoughts on that feature. We will also be looking into device compatibility and performance.

If you have an Android device and would like to test Elve Mobile for Android please reply. Please do not PM me as I am using this topic as list of interested users.

When we get closer to a distributable app we will let you know here.

General Discussion / Elve Mobile (for iOS) update submitted
« on: April 15, 2012, 10:43:19 am »
Keep an eye out for an Elve Mobile update in the Apple App Store. It's been submitted to Apple and usually takes several days for them to review.

The update includes new graphics for the retina iPad 3, first time user settings fix, improved orientation matching on retina devices and support for upcoming server side features.

General Discussion / What can Elve do for you?
« on: April 13, 2012, 11:25:46 am »
We've started a new "What can Elve do for you?" page as an introduction to home automation and what Elve can do (at a non-technical level).

Please take a look.

If you are doing anything different with Elve or if you have any ideas please let us know and we will add your ideas to the page.


News and Updates / Codecore Technologies Introduces Elve 1.5
« on: March 25, 2012, 10:32:22 pm »
PHOENIX, AZ - March 25, 2012 - Codecore Technologies, LLC today introduced Elve 1.5, a significant upgrade, featuring support for more home automation products, device property history recording, new and updated sample touch screen interfaces, a redesigned media browsing experience, new touch screen interface features, performance improvements, and new APIs for software developers.

"Elve 1.5 marks a major step forward for the already successful Elve product suite," said John Hughes, President of Codecore Technologies. "Building on the robust and user friendly platform, we have made over 200 improvements to provide users with even more power and flexibility at an affordable price."

New product support includes Clipsal C-Bus, DSC Alarm, Squeezebox media library, JRMC media library, Weather Underground, SageTV Information Pop-up, and SABnzbd Binary Newsreader. The existing product device drivers have also received a significant number of improvements including Z-Wave locks, thermostats, battery level reporting, improved Russound support, additional HAI Omni features, improved NOAA weather, and much more.

The new device property history recording feature provides historical data available in Microsoft Excel for analysis and charting. Users can now record thermostat temperatures, track door and motion detection activity, and much more.

The all new "Festive" sample touch screen interface provides multi-room audio matrix support with a unique look and feel. The original touch screen samples feature improved media browsing and weather handling, slide-in pop-ups, and more usability changes.

Touch screen interfaces provide completely redesigned media browser controls, scrolling marquee text, word wrap, text opacity, background and border color opacity, pop-up slide-in and slide-out animations, pop-up auto-close timers, and new custom control events. Touch screen designers will find many productivity and debugging improvements as well as an improved point and click touch screen variable system.

Software developers have access to new device property history APIs to create custom drivers with access to historical data. The SDK also includes new media player APIs, a redesigned media library interface, productivity improvements, and new by-value scripting objects.

For a more complete list of changes in Elve 1.5 please visit our community forum.

System Requirements

Elve supports Windows XP, Windows Embedded Standard, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Home Server 2011.

Pricing and Availability

Elve 1.5 is be available to Elve 1.0 an Elve 1.1 users as a free software upgrade.

Elve 1.5 is available for download with a 40-day free trial at Elve Enthusiast, Elve Power Enthusiast, Elve Professional (Residential), and Elve Professional (Commercial) have a suggested retail price of $250, $699, $899, and $1099 respectively. As an introductory incentive, prospective buyers can take advantage of a $150 promotional discount for a limited time.

About Codecore Technologies

Codecore Technologies, LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona based software development and technologies company specializing in large scale application development using Microsoft® .NET technologies for web, cloud, server, desktop, and mobile platforms. Visit for more information.


Elve, Elve Enthusiast, Elve Power Enthusiast, and Elve Professional are trademarks of Codecore Technologies, LLC. Other trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective companies. ©2012

General Discussion / Elve is going 32 bit (from 64 bit)!
« on: February 05, 2012, 02:47:22 pm »
While Elve embraced 64 bit from the beginning, unfortunately much of the world has not done so. Microsoft's current stance is that applications which do not need a huge amount of memory should run in 32 bit mode.

Version and previous versions all run in 64 bit mode on 64bit machines and in 32bit on 32bit machines.

Because many vendors which Elve interfaces with such as Adobe (Flash), USB-UIRT and others do not publicly support 64 bit applications at this time, the next Elve release will run in 32 bit mode on 64 bit machines.

Most of you should see no difference in how Elve runs.

Starting with version, Elve will run as a 32 bit application. Look for a new beta later today.

The next public 1.2 beta release will contain several new major features to the ViziaRF Z-Wave driver and we are looking for users with Z-Wave locks, thermostats, and battery powered devices to report issues.

* Added LockStates property which reports lock/unlock states.
* Added BatteryLevels and LowBatteryStates properties which reports the battery level of locks and other battery powered locks.
* Added ten new climate control properties which report current temperature, hvac mode, humidity, etc.
* The driver now polls locks and thermostats (as well as lights).
* The driver can now automatically reconnect to the controller connected to the pc if serial port connection is lost/disconnected.

We suspect there will be some issues and would be interested in any oddities.  Look for the release in a few days.


General Discussion / Elve can now record device property value history
« on: January 07, 2012, 03:38:26 pm »
Available in the most recent v1.2 beta ( ), we added support for recording device property values over time.

* The EMS Devices window now provides a checkbox to enable recording device properties at a specified time interval.
* Elve saves the history to CSV files which can be loaded into Excel and other analysis applications.
** You can find the files here on Vista, Win7: C:\ProgramData\Codecore Technologies\Elve\DevicePropertyHistory
* Elve provides new GetDevicePropertyHistory(...) APIs for driver developers to retrieve property value history at any interval. This sets the stage for new drivers which may create graphs, charts, and process device property history in creative ways.

Please keep in mind that drivers with a lot of properties can create large CSV files.  A new file is created each day, and by default only the most recent 200MB of file data is kept (older files are deleted). This size can be changed using the Elve Machine Settings application. If the available hard drive space is less than 100MB then Elve will not record.

General Discussion / Weather Channel Discontinues Free Data Feed
« on: October 13, 2011, 03:58:54 pm »
It looks like the Weather Channel will discontinue it's free weather data feed on October 31, 2011 and will be replacing it with a new subscription service.

It appears that this may require changes to the Weather Channel driver for use after Oct 31st, 2011 and that users would need to subscribe to the new weather channel data feed (for a fee).

ALTERNATIVES: Elve 1.2 (currently in public beta) also has drivers for the NOAA weather service and Weather Underground as alternatives to the Weather Channel service.

The official announcement from the Weather Channel can be read here:

Here is a text version:
Dear Registrant:

We are writing to you because our records indicate that you are a registered user of the® XML Data Feed (

As a valued subscriber, we want to let you know that our data feed service offerings are changing. Beginning the week of October 10th, 2011, we will be launching a new subscription service, The Weather Channel® API.

The Weather Channel® API is a subscription offering created by The Weather Channel specifically to provide developers with access to an easy to use weather data feed that they can use to power commercial applications across a variety of technology platforms.
Key Features include:
•   access to the most comprehensive global forecast set available anywhere
•   white label solution (no logo; no links)
•   weather data provided by®
•   data may be accessed in either XML or JSON format
•   leverages a world class cloud-based Infrastructure
•   product support for the world wide web, the mobile web, downloadable web / PC applications, and downloadable mobile phone / smart phone applications
•   multi-language support for English, Spanish, French, German, & Portuguese
What this means to you:
In order to have access to an XML data feed from The Weather Channel, you will need to subscribe to The Weather Channel® API. This letter serves as formal notice to you that your access to the® XML Data Feed will terminate at midnight Eastern time on October 31, 2011. To evaluate The Weather Channel® API as an alternative to the® XML Data Feed, please go to

If you have questions concerning this notice, you can call The Weather Channel at (770) 226-2329 or e-mail us at
We look forward to continuing our relationship with you.

Best Regards,

Scott H. Zucker
Director, Revenue Management & Optimization
The Weather Channel, LLC
Phone: (770) 226-2329
Facsimile: (770) 226-2966

News and Updates / Elve Touch Screen Viewer Lite - Now Open Source
« on: October 01, 2011, 08:35:16 am »
Today I open sourced "Elve Touch Screen Viewer Lite", the rich visual touch screen interface for controlling your Elve home automation system and viewing system information.

The open source home page is located here:

While this branch is slightly different from the version included in Elve, users are welcome to view the source code, enhance it and create similar applications for other platforms.

The project is licensed under the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL), and uses the Prophecy open source library for communication.

News and Updates / Prophecy - Open Sourced Communication Library
« on: September 17, 2011, 12:15:04 pm »
Today I open sourced "Prophecy", the communications library which Elve uses to communicate with itself and many hardware devices. The project is licensed under the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL).

The Prophecy home page is located here:

Prophecy is a free, open source developer focused communications framework for the Microsoft .NET platform intent on simplifying communications, message extraction, connection monitoring and reconnections using interchangeable classes for TCP, UDP, Serial Port, and USB.

Prophecy is a unified framework providing a consistent interface and events to communicate via Sockets, Serial Port and USB (HID).

The framework offers the following benefits:
  • The classes are interchangeable since they implement the same interface.
  • Automatic connection monitoring and reconnection with events for connections and lost connections. (Excludes UDP since it is a connection-less protocol).
  • Automatic incoming message parsing based on a specified end of line delimiter.
  • Supports binary and non-binary protocols.
  • Automatic string decoding for ASCII, UTF8, or other non-binary based protocols.
  • A built in buffer for received data.

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