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Device Configuration / Squeeze driver cover art display
« on: March 30, 2013, 08:42:02 pm »
Anyone able to get cover art showing for this driver? I tried the cover art media control bound to the squeeze driver, but that didn't work. I see the driver has a cover art property so I could go that route, but am not sure how to convert the byte array to an image and then assign that image to a touch screen control. Ideas? Thanks

General Discussion / Getting the most out of drivers
« on: March 29, 2013, 03:27:43 pm »
Drivers may exposed different functionality in scripts than the action builder. If you are new to Elve check out all actions available to you by browsing both the action list and also the script builder.

Resolved Bugs / WARNING! XML service doesn't enforce authentication
« on: March 14, 2013, 04:01:51 pm »
While researching someones question regarding XML I found I was able to control the system via the xml protocol without authentication! Can the xml service be disabled until this is fixed? Beware if any of you are forwarding port 33905 outside your lan!

Third Party Device Driver Software Development / Media browser binding
« on: February 21, 2013, 12:08:48 pm »
This XBMC driver I am producing would benefit from being included as a bindable library for the media browser control. Is that possible and if so how?

Working on a driver can't figure out how to launch a external program from Elve.
I have tried this:
Code: [Select]
Dim info As ProcessStartInfo = New ProcessStartInfo("C:\Program Files\xbmc\xbmc.exe")
Dim proc As Process = Process.Start(info)
And have also tried this:
Code: [Select]
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("C:\Program Files\xbmc\xbmc.exe")
Both work in a test application, but not from within my Elve driver. The work around is to use the desktop driver, which works fine, but still counts against your driver count which is not ideal for those with the enthusiast license.

Working on a new sub for a driver and am having an issue declaring optional parameters. This is what I have so far:
Code: [Select]
Public Sub ShowNotification(ByVal Title As ScriptString, ByVal Message As ScriptString, Optional ByVal Image As ScriptString = "", Optional ByVal Duration As ScriptNumber = 1500)
The issue is invalid conversion from type string / integer to type scriptString / scriptNumber. Since it is optional I have to set a default value, but am unsure how to do so in the above context. Thanks for the help.

Device Configuration / Improve squeeze server reliability
« on: February 05, 2013, 10:18:06 am »
Having some issues with squeeze server. I think it may be an issue with the squeeze software and not Elve, but I am not 100%. Anyone use this with good reliability? Any suggestions? I have 3 duet players connected via wiFi. I could connect via ethernet if that is a best practice. My issues are that devices work for a while, but seem to disconnect. Most times I can still access them using the duet remote, but once in a while I can not. I just unplug the duet and restart the server software and it usually does the trick. Just looking for a way to have 100% uptime. Thanks!

General Discussion / Voip
« on: February 01, 2013, 01:42:58 pm »
Any thoughts on VoIP? I get terrible cell coverage at home and have started looking into land line alternatives. Amazon has a sale going for the obi110 which looks popular. My goals are: use my iPhone and android as the handsets, not use my cell minutes, not use cell data when on wifi, cheap service,  and, of course, automate where possible.

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Third Party Device Driver Software Development / XBMC Driver
« on: February 01, 2013, 11:53:46 am »
Starting development for a XBMC driver ( Looking for suggestions from current users for desired features. I don't currently use XBMC so I may not be aware of all the cool things the software can do.
To a minimum I imagine:
Library viewing with details and art / fan art
Launching songs and videos
Remote control for playback and screen navigation

Development will be done using v. 12.0 'Frodo '.

General Discussion / New drivers / features
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:19:57 pm »
Trying to see what demand there are for new features, also what the community is interested in as a whole. 2 votes per user. Happy polling!

edit: Added Sonos.

General Discussion / Lighting
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:13:19 pm »
Let's talk lighting. What systems do you use? How do you like its performance? Special rules or scenes? Do you program though Elve to control it? More?
I'll start!
I started with insteon. I was very leery when I started of the mixed reviews I have read. I started with a small kit, ready to jump boat if needed. As my positive experience with the technology grew so did my devices. Then came the need to better manage them so in came my isy. After that the rest is history. and I am pro insteon/isy. I am overall very satisfied with my insteon setup. I do have intermittent issues with communication, but overall not enough to make me want to change. I would say a missed signal once every other month. With my ICS2 devices I have never missed a signal. Most of my programs live in my isy. I usually just have Elve turn scenes and devices on and off. My favorite scene is my coming home from work scene where the porch light and outdoor lights are on, and my living room lamps are all at a nice inviting brightness of 75%. My second favorite is all downstairs lights in a scene with a several minute ramp rate. When I am going upstairs to retire for the evening I will activate that so I can make sure all lights are off downstairs, but also give me enough light and time to comfortably make it upstairs.

Feature Requests / Ignore successive execution for scenes
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:57:37 am »
Requesting to add this feature to scenes. It is currently available in rules. Had an issue where a scene was getting triggered too many times by an external program and the ability to prevent that would be great. It will help unify the product since the ability is already available in rules and in touchscreens.

Bug Reports / New 2.0 feature notify user
« on: January 25, 2013, 02:29:13 pm »
Was not able to get notify specific user working. Notify all users worked fine.

Rules Configuration / How are YOU using rules?
« on: January 24, 2013, 05:12:37 pm »
What kind of cool rules do you guys have setup? Any that you want to add but haven't done so yet? Looking for comments on interesting, and maybe not so interesting, rules. Does anyone have any thoughts on best practices? Hopefully we can give each other ideas for things we may want to add to our own system one day.
I’ll start:
1.)   I have a volume check rule for my receiver. The different sources usually require different volume levels. Satellite is 35, my PS3 is 50. This rule checks for a source change on the receiver and then sets the volume to 35 (a safe level for any of my sources).
2.)   I have a lot of rules for the backyard to make sure the stereo, lights, and fountains go off at a certain time. The rule varies so the stereo can stay on later on the weekends vs weekdays.
3.)   I have a temperature alert rule where I get a text msg if it gets too hot in my house. One time I took a trip and turned off the air while I was gone during a hot summer day. I forgot to start the system on my way home, and was promptly greeted with an unbearable 89 degrees home when I arrived.
4.)   I have duration rules on all my sprinklers to ensure they don’t run too long.
5.)   I have rules to put reminders on the elk keypad for trash day, lawn day, and greenwaste pickup days.
To do:
I want to add a rule to check connectivity to my Logitech media server. Seems to be disconnecting.

User Showcase / New screen shots
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:41:05 pm »
Working on my new mobile interface. Trying something new this time around. Instead of making the screen beautiful first, I focused on layout and functionality. So here is what I have so far. I will continue to post to this thread as this progresses.

Main screen. Idea is to quickly access rooms I hang out in most. Outside of that are quick buttons to open garage door and to disarm the security system. Security and thermostats are self explanatory, both have labels with pertinent system information.

Pressing the room button has all the actions pertinent to the room.

Garage button. I found setting the camera to jpg mode with a few second refresh rate works great in the mobile viewers without causing a memory exception.

Thermostat button.

Security button

Keypad to disarm the system. It will flash different messages and clear the screen depending if the code is accepted or not. The padlock icon is tied to the alarm states, so will show locked when the system is armed.

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