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I am working on a few Elve drivers of which one of them uses the new Nest API and incorporates real-time push updates from the Nest server for changes so any changes made directly to the thermostat or changes made by any other application (iPhone App, the Nest web site) etc. are updated immediately. Screenshot is attached.

For those technically inclined, I had to write a C# asynchronous implementation of the "Server Side Events" client but the nice part is that since it is asynchronous it doesn't consume any threads while waiting for updates to be pushed down. Sending commands just uses normal JSON HTTP requests to Nest server.

The one issue right now is authentication. Nest uses OAUTH v2 which means going to a special URL, getting a token string and pasting it into the driver. I'm hoping to find a way to make that less complex and error prone. Once you have the token in the driver it is good for 10 years though!

I will post the link to the Github source and compiled DLL once it is stable.
I don't think that's what I'm looking to do. I'm trying to set it up so when I edit the action list (see the attached image) the link that allows setting the value currently only allows me to edit a text value, rather than letting me choose from a list of house modes that are defined.


I am writing a simple driver that will allow the use of "house modes". I saw this in another HA package and I liked the idea.

I have a database with a list of house modes, just a name and the date it was last used. I have the driver integrated into Elve and I can add a line in an action list to set the mode to something, but I have to type in the name of a mode. What I would like to do is click on the link in the list item and have it somehow show a list of all the house modes that are stored in the database and allow you to choose one. I looked at the custom editor that you can use in the <DriverSetting> attribute, but that doesn't sound like that's what I want.

I'm currently returning a ScriptArrayMarshalByValue with the list of house modes in it.

Can anyone point me to an example or documentation or something that shows me A: if it's possible to do what I want, and B: how to do it?

Thanks for your help!

Device Configuration / Re: Best way to store XM Channel Lineup?
« Last post by Frunple on July 17, 2014, 04:31:41 pm »
I was thinking the same thing but the actual xm page has popups asking if you have a sirius or xm radio then you have to choose something else, that i forget, and it seemed like too much trouble. But that page looks easy and it is up to date. That was the only thing I was worried about if using the "not actual" xm pages. But they just changed it a day or two ago and that one already shows the changes!
Thanks for the ideas guys.  Lots to learn.  I've been using Premise for ages and it does things in a very different way.  So I need to think really differently then I'm used to :)
Device Configuration / Re: Best way to store XM Channel Lineup?
« Last post by iostream212 on July 17, 2014, 01:24:04 pm »
Is there a web resource that call pull that info for you? Then you could do some script that will daily check and update your globals. I like the global ideas as well (until there is an xm driver ::) ). I found this page googling around Doesn't look too terrible to parse, then as an added bonus it shows current content as well on each station.
Device Configuration / Best way to store XM Channel Lineup?
« Last post by Frunple on July 17, 2014, 12:39:58 pm »
So XM changed their channels again. Apparently they do a couple times a year for whatever reason, so instead of me having to change all of my XM screens again I'm thinking of storing the channels in one location, then the screens will pull from there.
What would be the best way? Global variables is the way I'm leaning but not sure if there may be a better way.
Third Party Device Driver Software Development / Re: XBMC Driver
« Last post by mld2112 on July 17, 2014, 06:27:54 am »
No problem. I'm still struggling to get my first simple driver to function the way I want it. Whenever you have a spare 30 seconds or so to take a look at it is fine.

Touch Screen Interfaces / Re: Any guides on how to build touch screens logically?
« Last post by Frunple on July 17, 2014, 05:27:55 am »
As far as seeing what someone else is listening to, If you build the screens using booleans on all source and power buttons you can set all screens to display what is currently on. You can see an example in THIS video I made showing exactly that. first I switch channels and inputs from my tablet to show the changes, then I do the same from a PC. Then you can see any changes I make on the PC are also shown on the tablet.
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