Author Topic: Xantech Digi-5 (Muti-Room Audio) and Venstar ColorTouch (Thermostat) Drivers  (Read 1544 times)


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Here are a couple of new Elve drivers...

Xantech Digi-5 Driver
This driver works but is limited in its functionality due to firmware bugs in the Xantech Digi-5 system.  I spent months trying to get Xantech to fix the problems but in the end they said that they likely won't be fixing the firmware any time soon (if at all).  The driver currently looks at the device firmware version and disables all functionality related to the buggy firmware.  The hope is that should Xantech ever upgrade the firmware (and fix their bugs) that this driver would then automatically enable all features.

Venstar ColorTouch Driver
This driver is still under development but I figured I'd share it in case anyone wanted to contribute before I have the chance to finish it.

I'd encourage other driver developers to start posting their drivers on GitHub as an easy way of managing the source and allowing community collaboration.