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John Hughes:
PHOENIX, AZ - March 25, 2012 - Codecore Technologies, LLC today introduced Elve 1.5, a significant upgrade, featuring support for more home automation products, device property history recording, new and updated sample touch screen interfaces, a redesigned media browsing experience, new touch screen interface features, performance improvements, and new APIs for software developers.

"Elve 1.5 marks a major step forward for the already successful Elve product suite," said John Hughes, President of Codecore Technologies. "Building on the robust and user friendly platform, we have made over 200 improvements to provide users with even more power and flexibility at an affordable price."

New product support includes Clipsal C-Bus, DSC Alarm, Squeezebox media library, JRMC media library, Weather Underground, SageTV Information Pop-up, and SABnzbd Binary Newsreader. The existing product device drivers have also received a significant number of improvements including Z-Wave locks, thermostats, battery level reporting, improved Russound support, additional HAI Omni features, improved NOAA weather, and much more.

The new device property history recording feature provides historical data available in Microsoft Excel for analysis and charting. Users can now record thermostat temperatures, track door and motion detection activity, and much more.

The all new "Festive" sample touch screen interface provides multi-room audio matrix support with a unique look and feel. The original touch screen samples feature improved media browsing and weather handling, slide-in pop-ups, and more usability changes.

Touch screen interfaces provide completely redesigned media browser controls, scrolling marquee text, word wrap, text opacity, background and border color opacity, pop-up slide-in and slide-out animations, pop-up auto-close timers, and new custom control events. Touch screen designers will find many productivity and debugging improvements as well as an improved point and click touch screen variable system.

Software developers have access to new device property history APIs to create custom drivers with access to historical data. The SDK also includes new media player APIs, a redesigned media library interface, productivity improvements, and new by-value scripting objects.

For a more complete list of changes in Elve 1.5 please visit our community forum.

System Requirements

Elve supports Windows XP, Windows Embedded Standard, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Home Server 2011.

Pricing and Availability

Elve 1.5 is be available to Elve 1.0 an Elve 1.1 users as a free software upgrade.

Elve 1.5 is available for download with a 40-day free trial at Elve Enthusiast, Elve Power Enthusiast, Elve Professional (Residential), and Elve Professional (Commercial) have a suggested retail price of $250, $699, $899, and $1099 respectively. As an introductory incentive, prospective buyers can take advantage of a $150 promotional discount for a limited time.

About Codecore Technologies

Codecore Technologies, LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona based software development and technologies company specializing in large scale application development using Microsoft® .NET technologies for web, cloud, server, desktop, and mobile platforms. Visit for more information.

Elve, Elve Enthusiast, Elve Power Enthusiast, and Elve Professional are trademarks of Codecore Technologies, LLC. Other trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective companies. ©2012

John Hughes:
The complete list of major changes can be found here:

John Hughes:
Version 1.5 includes new touch screen samples but if you are upgrading you need to manually select the option in the installer.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version (including any 1.5 beta versions) the Elve installer will not auto-select the Touch Screens checkbox for installation.

It is recommended that users select place a check in the Touch Screens checkbox when upgrading to the initial 1.5 release.

John Hughes:
A minor update ( version ) has been released which addresses a couple issues and future compatibility. The new version can be downloaded using the Get Elve -> Free Trial menu.

* The Z-Wave driver was not properly polling nodes on start up.
* Setting an Insteon light to 100% would prevent the level from being sent out in an Elve device property notification.
* Updated touch screen protocol for better backwards compatibility of future versions.

John Hughes:
A minor update ( version ) has been released which corrects an issue which can cause persisting global variables to consume excessive hard drive space.

The new version can be downloaded using the Get Elve -> Free Trial menu.

Please check the following file path to determine if the issue has affected your system. In the filename below XXXXXX will be the name of your global variable driver.
C:\ProgramData\Codecore Technologies\Elve\PersistedGlobalVariables_XXXXXX.bin

If this file is large (more than a few kilobytes) then you may delete the file (which may required stopping the Elve services).


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