Author Topic: How can I integrate Dragon Speech Recognition with Elve?  (Read 878 times)

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How can I integrate Dragon Speech Recognition with Elve?
« on: May 24, 2012, 06:43:01 am »
This question was asked recently so I thought I would start a topic on it. I can't get into the deep details since I have not installed Dragon in many years but I can give the basics.

There are many ways to interface third party applications and devices with Elve. Elve provides a driver SDK, a web service, a persistent tcp connection, and the ElveCommandLine.exe application.

While there is no built-in voice control in Elve you can interface the Dragon software with Elve. The simplest (while probably not the most elegant) would be use Dragon to execute the ElveCommandLine.exe application and pass it the name of a Scene to run.

For example if you say "Turn on Kitchen Light" you could create a Scene for that command in Elve and then execute the following command line:

Code: [Select]
c:\program files\elve\ElveCommandLine.exe username password runscene Turn_On_Kitchen_Light
On a 64 bit OS the exe will be located in c:\program files (x86)\Elve.  You may run the exe without any command line parameters to get the command line syntax help.

Here are the command line parameters for ElveCommandLine.exe:

ElveCommandLine.exe <username> <password> <command> [parameters]
The user must be granted permission to the 3rd party web service.

    RunScene : Runs the specified scene.
      PARAMETER: The scene's scripting identifier.
      EXAMPLE: ElveCommandLine.exe joe lizard runscene Turn_Off_All_Lights

    RunScript : Runs the specified script.
      PARAMETER: The script to run. It's usually a good idea to wrap it in quotation marks. Inner quotation marks must be escaped with a backslash character \.
      EXAMPLE: ElveCommandLine.exe joe lizard runscript "return \"Hello\";
      EXAMPLE: ElveCommandLine.exe joe lizard runscript "lighting.TurnOnLight(12);"

To use the ElveCommandLine.exe application you must check the checkbox in the user's account in Elve Management Studio which grants permission to the 3rd party web service.

PS: On a side note I did create a voice control driver using Microsoft's voice engine however it was not very accurate and it could not be run in a service (it required a desktop app to be running) therefore it was never fully implemented or released for Elve.
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