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Omni HVAC Control Delay

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I currently have Elve connected to an OmniPro II (3.9) controller and have used it extensively for Z-wave lighting control and security control with no delay.  When I control any of my three thermostats there is a 3 - 10 second delay for any command (Set Mode, temperature, Hold status, etc).  I've tried everything and looked at all the settings and am not sure where to go now.  When I control the thermostats with the PC Access software provided by HAI it is instant.  Any ideas?

There seems to be a lot of issues with HVAC control with the Omni. I've been meaning to bring them up but just keep forgetting to.
Try using a Property Offset Button bound to the heat/cool set points. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Going one way (I think lower) it will not go to 75, goes right from 76 to 74, weird!
There seems to be a lot of small issues with the Omni but since John uses an Elk I don't think he knows about them.

Frunple your exactly right-  I tried it this morning and got that same behavior.  The more I've used it the more unreliable it seems to behave.  John-  I will be glad to do some testing for you since you don't have an omni.

John Hughes:
That does sound odd.  I'll move this to the bug reports board and take a look.

John Hughes:
The Omni driver uses the .NET SDK from HAI. Setting the HVAC hold state for example is a simple single line of source code so I would not expect any delays.

Have you tried using Elve Management Studio's device Methods tab to directly set the states?  Try this and see if you have the same performance issues. If you do then the issue is most likely within the HAI SDK. I'll check if there is a newer version of the SDK available.


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