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Finishing a new wiring closet panel and here are a few pictures

And a little night lighting.

My original panel setup documented here:
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Nice! the fast&furious of home automation ;)

Can you map what's in there?

I see the elk controller for sure and what appears to be relays below ...

Oh sure. Left side is an ISY controller, followed by the ELK. Under that is the ELK ethernet interface, ELK thermostat interface, and the ELK databus expasion hub. Followed by a RS485 to IP converter and the backup battery.  The bottom row is a ELK zone expander and 2 relay boards.  The right can starts off with 2 8 port switches followed by a 3x8 OnQ video distribution module.  Under that a few power strips. Last item is a Axis analog to IP CCTV server.  Hopefully that will be hooked up soon! Other plans: Add fail safes to restart key systems if they get locked up, add Sonicwall hardware firewall, and finish the lighting / duct work.   

John Hughes:

--- Quote from: elehuy on June 26, 2012, 06:08:40 am ---Nice! the fast&furious of home automation ;)

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lol, well said!

I like it.

Come on users! Let's see some more panel shots!

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