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Re: Panel shots
« Reply #15 on: August 23, 2012, 05:23:54 am »
:) it's funny as I don't see it anymore!

It used to belong to my ex-wife, even if we can't stand each other now, I can resign to throw it away ... call me sentimental ;)

at the bottom I have a UPS then the PC that drives my condo (ELVE).
in the mess I have a relay module (semi DIY kit, work nice, it trigs the fans, the projection screen and my amps), a globalCache iTach IR module, a xantech IR distribution module, a custom made high speed optical isolation module (to connect the xantech and globalcahe, initialy made to isolate my Anthem preamp and the xantech, I had problemS) and a modified PS3 remote (to accept IR code, semi DIY)