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Z-Wave - Recommendations
« on: December 14, 2012, 08:05:39 am »

With lots of technology in the house, I finally find myself in the situation that I need more !!
When I wired the house, I deployed special sockets in some rooms for lamps etc, which I integrated into my C-BUS network, but now I am faced with things like Christmas where we have dozens of new lights etc which need to be turned on and off, in just about every darn room of the house.  Initially i picked up a cheap set of Home Easy plug in remote control sockets, but it did not take long to realise these are pretty dumb, and dont do any mesh, so most of them do not get the signal to shut on of off, without me walking closer to them with the remote YUK.!!!

So - Z-Wave is a full mesh, and the plugin modules are not beyond considering as far as price is concerned, but what the hell do i need? - Ok, so i know i need plug in modules - 8-10 of these is perfect; but now the issue - controlling them.

Do i need a Mi-Casa, Aeon Stick, RZC0P, etc? I just want elve to manage these things, I mgith grab a physical switch or two for the simplicity, but the idea should be that i tocuh the cbus switch - grab the even in elve - no issues there, and then elve tells the plug in module that is should turn on / off etc.

If this works out, I am interested in the Danfoss TRVs for the radiators, and maybe a door lock for internal doors only, but thats all phase 2/3 if i can figure out phase 1 :)

So - Z-Wave gurus - your recommendations please for an official z-wave deployment noob.