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FREE trial install problem v1.5.0.9

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gec elec:
  (os wind7 64bit);

Hi, cant seem to install the free trial due to me being unable to uncheck the license agreement box at the beginning of the install. Ive tried re down loading it twice and restarting my computer but no joy.

please advise;

Many thanks Gareth

You're not supposed to unchecked it.

Happened to me too...

Two ways to get past this. Increase your resolution, then you will be able to click the agree radio button.  Or click on the not agree button then hit the down arrow.  This selects agree off the screen and then you can click to continue.

Hope this helps
- Greg

I was having the same problem with 2.0 beta.  BracketNova's workaround worked for me except I had to use the up arrow.

John Hughes:
Thanks for the screen shot, very odd. What is your screen text size set to? 100%, 125%, 150%


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