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Elve friendly security camera DVR software


I have seen discussions regarding security camera software come up from time to time on different forums. Most users will throw out votes for Vitamin D or Blue Iris. I have tried both in the past and have dumped them in favor of iSpy. So for users looking for network cam dvr software definitely give iSpy a try.

The first benefit is that it is free while the other solutions mentioned are not.
Second benefit is that it can be used in Elve!

To do so go to the alerts tab in camera setup.
Enable the alert and set alert mode (commonly movement).

Next create a .BAT file to run your Elve scene. You can create a .BAT file in notepad by saving the text document with a .BAT extension.

For a discussion of the proper command line syntax see:

Next, back in the alert tab in iSpy, direct the ‘Execute File’ dialog to your newly created .BAT file.

Now you have a simple way to interact with Elve when your security camera detects motion.
There are also other possibilities, but I have yet to try them. Other plugins include a license plate reader and face recognition.

Very nice.  That was next on my list. 

It is worth mentioning to setup the path to the elve command line executable in the windows environment so you can run the tool without having to type the full directory. To do so go to system properties in windows. Then advanced. Then environment variables. Find path in the system variables pane. Click edit. Go to the end of the variable value text and add:

--- Code: --- ;C:\Program Files (x86)\Elve\
--- End code ---
Make sure to include that leading ';'.

Also scenes start with 'scenes' as their scripting identifier. So make sure to add "Scenes." to you scene name for this to work.
Ex: MyLights scene would be referenced as Scenes.MyLights.
Full command text remains the same as
ElveCommandLine.exe <username> <password> RunScene Scenes.<scene name>

Previous versions of this software had a bug in which the executable was called twice at the beginning and end of the event. This has been fixed with the current version, so upgrade if this has been an issue for you.


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