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I am developing my system using the elve interface and I was wondering what would be the best resolution to program for - then I asked myself what hardware?  And I didn't have an answer - I would like to standardize - I need a 14-15 inch in-wall display, a 7-10 inch in-wall display and a few touchpads - I have some ipads but would like some android recommendations - what are you all using????

I am using an android phone and android tablet. I have yet to really use the PC viewer while sitting at my desktop. I am still on the fence about putting screens in the wall. I think I would honestly use a phone or tablet over walking to a wall screen to interface. I would suggest to build a very plain screen with rich functionality. Really think it out. What is important to you. Ease of use. Layout. Etc. Once that is worked out it is easy to go back and add the eye candy. That said I love using my androids. I don't care for the iOS version of the mobile app because a progress wheel is displayed with every screen press. Also it is worth noting that the mobile versions are not as feature and performance rich as the PC viewer app.

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I've settled into android 7in tablets. A kindle fire in my theater and a nexus 7 that roams around upstairs. I've gone through a few different approaches. I currently base my theme on control of my entertainment with my remaining automation control being on secondary screens.  I really like the current approach.

Not sure I'd get much use out of a mounted screen but I am going to buy another android. They are so cheep it is silly to not have a few.

One note, my theater control touch screen stays in a cup holder mount in one of my theater seats (like for a car). Love it!

By the way, regarding resolution I use the same touchscreen on both devices (different resolutions) with no issues.

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Think I might go surface tab next go. It would run the full featured viewer app, but pricey. Non rt versions starting at $899.

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Cool so I guess it does adjust the resolution for the device - it sounds like people really like the android but the windows based inwall systems like nobu will run the desktop versions - it sounds like -

I guess my real question is - if I begin to design in 1024x700 does it really matter which device I choose? it sounds as if the software resizes the image and buttons to fit the screen - is this right?


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