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Working on my new mobile interface. Trying something new this time around. Instead of making the screen beautiful first, I focused on layout and functionality. So here is what I have so far. I will continue to post to this thread as this progresses.

Main screen. Idea is to quickly access rooms I hang out in most. Outside of that are quick buttons to open garage door and to disarm the security system. Security and thermostats are self explanatory, both have labels with pertinent system information.

Pressing the room button has all the actions pertinent to the room.

Garage button. I found setting the camera to jpg mode with a few second refresh rate works great in the mobile viewers without causing a memory exception.

Thermostat button.

Security button

Keypad to disarm the system. It will flash different messages and clear the screen depending if the code is accepted or not. The padlock icon is tied to the alarm states, so will show locked when the system is armed.

Added some more screens to my setup. Truth be told this ugly interface has grown on me and I may just leave it as is. These are scaled down a bit. Click on an image to browse my photobucket album that has the higher res originals.

These are screens for my receiver. This is a paged list showing all available modes and a description underneath of when to use them (cause I can't remember them all).

Source selection screen

Screen to control center and subwoofer levels. This one was cool because the driver doesn't support this natively. Using the onkyo protocol I found the commands and used that with the drivers 'send raw command' method.

For those interested the commands are:

--- Code: ---//Center channel up level / down level
avreceiver.SendRawCommand( "CTLUP" );
avreceiver.SendRawCommand( "CTLDOWN" );
//Subwoofer levels up level / down level
avreceiver.SendRawCommand( "SWLUP" );
avreceiver.SendRawCommand( "SWLDOWN" );

--- End code ---

Added backyard irrigation zone control:

And updated the basic music player control screen:


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