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What kind of cool rules do you guys have setup? Any that you want to add but haven't done so yet? Looking for comments on interesting, and maybe not so interesting, rules. Does anyone have any thoughts on best practices? Hopefully we can give each other ideas for things we may want to add to our own system one day.
I’ll start:
1.)   I have a volume check rule for my receiver. The different sources usually require different volume levels. Satellite is 35, my PS3 is 50. This rule checks for a source change on the receiver and then sets the volume to 35 (a safe level for any of my sources).
2.)   I have a lot of rules for the backyard to make sure the stereo, lights, and fountains go off at a certain time. The rule varies so the stereo can stay on later on the weekends vs weekdays.
3.)   I have a temperature alert rule where I get a text msg if it gets too hot in my house. One time I took a trip and turned off the air while I was gone during a hot summer day. I forgot to start the system on my way home, and was promptly greeted with an unbearable 89 degrees home when I arrived.
4.)   I have duration rules on all my sprinklers to ensure they don’t run too long.
5.)   I have rules to put reminders on the elk keypad for trash day, lawn day, and greenwaste pickup days.
To do:
I want to add a rule to check connectivity to my Logitech media server. Seems to be disconnecting.

Most of my rules are pretty basic except one. I set up a rule that within my security logic that checks to see if my kids are home before sending any notices. It looks to see if their phone is in range (bluetooth). If they are then notices aren't sent.  Though the limited range of Bluetooth limits the capability its cool.  :)

Since my oldest got an I phone it is not working due to Bluetooth conflicts. Darn apple.

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That sounds cool. I haven't tried bluetooth yet. What kind of range do you get? I have high hopes for the stick n find: It boasts 100 feet range. Hopefully it can work with the BT driver.

Deane Johnson:
My use of Rules is pretty basic, but affects our daily life a lot.  Nothing fancy, creative or unusual, but impacts our lives enough to prove that home automation can do a lot to make ones life more pleasant.  One of the great benefits to using Elve is that it is so stable, we never miss anything.  It's always there.  Even if my computer reboots during the night do to a software update, Elve is still on the job.

1.)  A rule that works off sunrise to lower some honeycomb shades to prevent sun from bleaching things.  I spent an entire year logging what time the sun hits the window, as it varies by where it is in relation to trees across the street, etc.  A different time for every day of the year.

2.)  A rule that turns on all of the lighting at 5:00am, which is about when we get up.  Nice to have a lit house upon rising for the day.

3.)  Turns out all of the lights at 9:00PM and sets a hallway light to very dim, about like a nightlight.  Makes getting up for the bathroom in the night much more workable.

4.)  Turns off certain lights 30 minutes after sunrise as they are no longer needed during the day.

5.)  A rule that reacts to our business line ringing (home based business) while we are watching a movie in our front projection theater.  It pauses the movie and turns the light on.  When the theater is not in the ON mode, it doesn't react.

I do not have too many lighting rules currently. Do you heavy lighting rule users ever have an issue with lights turning off at the wrong time?  For example I tried a few lighting rules (programs) in ISY, and found  that a lot of times my lights would turn off when I needed them on. And the logic to make them function as I wanted would require too much time coding. I have the lights turn on when it is  night and the garage entry door is opened. The idea was to provide a path of light when I enter from the garage at night. But at the same time if I am already at home, and possibly entertaining guests, and I open the garage entry door to throw the trash, then 5 minutes later my guests and I are sitting in a dark room. How do you guys get around that?


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