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I have been working with the trial system for a few days now and I have a few questions about implementation and system design - first off - I commend you on the design of the system -  the RESTful design and server client architecture is the way to go - keeping the devices at the server with the control design at the user interface was genius - its the way everything is going these days - but I don't understand a few things -
1. Do the Linux, MacOS, Android Viewers not come with the trial?  As I see it, the PC Viewer and PC Lite Viewer are the only ones I can play with?
2. If I design in the touch screen builder - which of the viewer apps or all, will be able to display my design? It seems I have to create the Iphone separately due to the sample and this leads me to believe I will have to do this for the android etc.
3. I have never worked on the android - is the Linux viewer the one that is for that platform?
4. Is there a way to see the generated code from the touch screen builder - or can I edit the code in some other way to speed up creation and duplication?  I see you mention an editor and I don't think it is the editor in the viewer application - I know enough to be dangerous in ms visual studio

I am connecting this to an HAI system for lighting, heating and security - I want to integrate the sprinkler, webcams, music and theater for a full automated home with a kickass design interface - I think yours is it - that is if all the questions fall into place !!!

Thanks for Sharing -

I agree with you to the well thought out design of this system. It is quite elegant and I appreciate the continuity among the different components.
For your specific concerns:
1.) The android and iOS viewers are available through the android play store and the apple app store respectfully. Search for 'Elve Mobile'. The mobile viewers work with the trial. Linux and Mac use the PC Lite Viewer and do not have a stand alone os specific viewer. Just copy the lite viewer exe to a thumb drive and you should be good to go. Note that the touch service must be installed for both the lite and mobile viewers to function.
2.) All viewer apps will be able to show any touch screen you design. Screens sets that are too big for the device screen will be scaled appropriately. Thus the iPhone sample, for example,  can be used on the regular viewer app, iphone on iPad, or on an android as well. The key point is that the regular viewer app you can choose a specific screen or screen set to view on the fly (by right clicking and choosing load touchscreen). With the lite and mobile apps it is a little different. In the account section of the management studio go to users. Here you select a default screen set for a specific user. What many do is create a few different users and set different default screen sets to them.
3.) Answered in point #1.
4.) Not that I am aware of. There are several things you can do to speed up screen design however. One is to setup a generic screen, then save as many different copies with a different name as you need. Also you can run multiple builder apps at once. When I am building a new set quickly, I copy something from my existing set and paste it into my new set. Then usually the editing is minimal to get it working and matching visually.

Fantastic, thanks for the info - I understand fully, now - I appreciate the response and have made the decision to jump in the pool - goodby $750 hello total home automation (goodbye wife...)

Wife's can be replaced. ::)

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