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Is there any way via an external program to monitor the health of Elve services and devices and restart them if they are generating errors?

Wouldn't you rather try to solve the problems? What kind of errors do you have? It is possible, but i am not aware of anything that currently does it 'out of the box.' The XML service sends a heartbeat that you could monitor to verify network connection to the system. The services can all be stopped and started with a simple batch file. The error log is in xml and could be scanned and checked for issues. Then you could restart problematic devices with the configuration api. So definitely options are available to monitor all aspects of the system , its just  a matter of how you want to implement it.

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Solving the problem would be good. The current issue is the driver service apparently losing contact with my Insteon controller. The log messages are:

2013-04-01 00:19:01.0586268Z   Error   Connection monitoring sent a request after 60 seconds of device silence and failed to receive a response from the device within 30 seconds so the connection is assumed to be lost.   DriverService   DVR-410   Driver   Insteon : Insteon
2013-04-01 00:19:01.0601451Z   Warning   The connection to the Insteon PLM has been lost, the driver will keep trying to reconnect.   DriverService   DVR-410   Driver   Insteon : Insteon

I'm not sure if this is a device driver problem or an issue with the SmartHome Insteon controller. My concern is if these problems continue, my lighting control will stop working and I will have no notification that a problem has occurred. An email notifying me of a problem would be good as well.

What PLM are you using and how is it connected?
This driver has a 'connected' property and a 'DeviceIsRunningAndReady' property. You could set a rule to monitor the ready state of the driver and email you on change.

My PLM is the SmartHome 2413S, serial interface. I'm not sure what is causing Elve to see a disconnect to the PLM. I'll look at those properties, monitoring them and sending an email will at least let me know that Elve and the PLM are no longer communicating and then I could remotely connect and try a restart of the driver.


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