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Andrew V:
I have the Elve Enthusiast license. Upon attempting to login to a device, I received the following error:

"The Touch Service rejected a touch client connection since the maximum number of touch clients that the system is licensed for has already been met".

This makes sense, as I have been using 3 different devices to access Elve, and that is all that this license allows. However, I no longer need to access Elve with one of the devices, as I was only using it for diagnostics and testing while setting up the home automation system for my parents. How do I tell Elve to de-register this device and allow an addition connection from a different device?

Hello DetroitEE and welcome to the Elve community!
I had a similar issue/solve here you can try.
Elve support had this to say regarding this issue:

--- Quote this time you can reset the count by restarting the Elve services or rebooting. In the future we may provide an interface to register which touch screens you would like to use with Elve so you can add and remove them.
--- End quote ---

Andrew V:
Great, thank you for the quick response!



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