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Omni LTe Supported?

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Does anybody have an LTe working with Elve?  I'm getting a startup error using the Omni Pro II device.

HAI Omni Driver: Model does not match file in requestSystemInformation_Callback().

The driver documentation just mentions omni pro II. If it's the same protocol and the lte uses the network port as well I would imagine the driver could be modified. I am not a hai user so my apologies if my musings are not correct. Frunple... Any luck getting that source?

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Never tried to be honest. Probably still should but....

As for the LTe, I've never used one but as far as I know it still uses pc access so the driver 'should' be the same. What error are you getting?

The data fields load but the device does become ready for use and the lifecycle stage stalls at Starting (1) as shown in the attached image.  My guess is requires a tweak to the driver. 

The LTe meets my limited needs so I couldn't see spending 2x on an explicitly supported controller.  I'll keep myself amused dinking around with Haiku/HaikuHelper until Elve adds support (recognizing that might be never).

Is 2.0 beta solid?  I don't see any posts about issues but I don't see many posts about much of anything these days.  Maybe I'll give it a try.

Do you get any actual error message in EMS though?

As for 2.0, I tried it, quickly went back to 1.5. the changes I was looking for weren't implemented in it and there were some big Omni Pro driver problems. Bigger than the usual ones in the 1.5 Omni driver I mean.


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