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READ FIRST: How to post a bug report
« on: April 12, 2010, 11:25:20 pm »
We try hard to ensure that there are as few bugs as possible before a new version of Elve is released. Unfortunately however some bugs do slip through, so we greatly appreciate the help from members of the SMF community, by reporting any issues found while using Elve, to the team. Sometimes, these reports do not contain enough information that would be vital in assisting the team in troubleshooting the issue. This topic will guide you in helping us to isolate the problem with our software. Thus, this gives us a detailed bug report to our developers.

Search First
Be sure to search for topics which may already address the issue you would like to report.  If you find an existing topic feel free to add any additional information.

Post Bugs In Separate Topics
If you are posting about 2 unrelated bugs please create a separate topic for each bug. This will help us keep things organized and will reduce confusion.

Latest Version
When reporting a bug, please make sure you are using the latest version of Elve. If you are beta testing a release, make sure you are using the most up-to-date beta release.

3rd Party Drivers
This is not the place to report bugs or issues with third party drivers. Please direct these reports to the developer of the device driver.

Application or Service
Please identify which application or service the bug appears to be in.

Device Drivers
If the bug appears to be in a device driver please post your device driver configuration report. There is a toolbar icon for this in the devices window. If the bug occurs when accessing a specific device property or method please specify the property or method name exactly as it appears.

Touch Screen Interfaces
If the bug occurs in a specific control type please be sure to specify the control type exactly as it appears in the Touch Screen Builder application, such as Label or Loader Radio Button. If a user interface element is not updating properly please use the diagnostics tools in Elve Management Studio to determine if the associated values in the device are accurate and indicate this in the report.

Rules, Scenes, or Action List Editor
If the bug appears to be in a a rule, scene or the action list editor, please post the associated report using the toolbar icon in the related application window.

Error Logs
It is important to know that there are usually errors that are generated when bugs occur. Please include any errors from the Event Viewer in the Elve Management Studio application that might be relevant to the bug.

By providing us with this information will make sure that your bug report is able to be looked at quickly and swiftly and the possibility of it being considered a support issue is far less.

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