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Elve Elk M1 project

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That's pretty impressive!

Thanks for sharing it.

That is so awesome! Great layout. Wow 38 panels?! That's intense. Quick question on your log to db for temp drivers, can that be real time or is it polled? I want to do something similar and may post for help elsewhere...  ::)

The log to temp can be set at intervals. I set mine to 10 minutes but you couls set yours to anything you like. The value is set under logging interval 00.00:10:00 (this is 10 minutes) but you could set it to 1 second 00.00:00:01. You just need to update your screen to refresh the paged lists.

How do the users access the screens? Is it one Elve install handling all those M1s? How's the performance? Just curious.  Never seen such a big install.

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