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I have wrapped up the initial development of a driver for the WiFi based IrrigationCaddy irrigation controller.  I have done some initial testing with the W1 model, but it may also support the older S1 model as well.  Some features of the driver:

* Exposes properties for:
    * Controller version
    * Controller enabled/disabled
    * Controller irrigation state details
        * Controller running state
        * The active program and remaining program run time
        * The active zone and remaining zone run time
    * Zone friendly names
    * Rain sensor state
    * Controller date and time
* All properties expose the events that will trigger when the values change at the controller
* Exposes methods for
    * Running one of the preset programs
    * Running a single zone for a specified amount of time
    * Running a series of zones for specified amounts of time
    * Stop the active zone

While there has been some functional and stress testing, the driver could use some beta testers to further exercise the functionality and provide any feedback on their experiences or bugs they discover.  Please post back into this thread your feedback and/or issues or you discover.

I have included an Elve 1.5 and 2.0 compatible version of the driver in the release.  My testing has been isolated to the 1.5 version of Elve, so verification on 2.0 is also greatly appreciated.

I will post periodic updates to the driver until it reaches a stable/functional version 1 state.  For now, the beta driver will time out after about a month to make sure everyone is moving to the latest version.

You will need to unzip the appropriate driver dll into your '/ProgramData/CoreCode Technologies/Elve/DeviceDrivers/Compiled' directory.  Please read the included txt file in the driver zip file for more details.

Thanks for your time!

wow! thank you for sharing! I am using an elk relay board connected to my rain bird controller right now. this looks much better. hope to integrate it into my setup real soon.


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