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Need to monitor my AC unit


Had some problems last year so I want to keep an eye on it this year.
What I had in mind is a notification if the actual temperature in the house goes 3 degrees higher than the cooling set point.
So what I want is something like:

if ( omni.ThermostatCurrentTemperatures[1] > omni.ThermostatCoolSetPoints[1] "+ 3 degrees")

How would I add the + 3 degrees??

Not sure if elk is different than hai, but this worked for me:

--- Code: ---elkm1.ThermostatCurrentTemperatures[1]) > elkm1.ThermostatCoolSetPoints[1])+3;

--- End code ---
If you are running into a conversion issue you can try something like this:

--- Code: ---number(elkm1.ThermostatCurrentTemperatures[1]) == (number(elkm1.ThermostatCoolSetPoints[1])+3);

--- End code ---
This reminds me of the time I went on a day trip and turned off the ac. Problem was I forgot to turn it back on and we got home at 9:00pm and it was 88 degrees inside. :o

I'll give it a try.

Gotta say thanks again... seems to be working perfectly.


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