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Select audio outputs?


Probably a basic question that I am just not seeing, but how do I tell a mediaplayer, or TTS, to use a specific soundcard output?  I have an M-Audio 1010LT that has 4 stereo pairs out (as well as in) and the built-in sound card. 

So I need to be able to say that there are 3 media players connected to 3 inputs on my matrix and to connect TTS to yet another output.

And how do I then tell the system that the media library (or iTunes library) is available for those 3 different outputs?

Great question. Poking around I don't see many configuration options for this. I'm guessing it defaults to the windows default sound output, which is bad new for your setup. I hope someone can prove me wrong!

Hmmm.  Seems like it wouldn't be that unusual.  For instance, the wife is listening to a playlist in her office and I am in the garage listening to a completely different list.

Plus the TTS thing.

Little late on this but if you use J River Media Center you can assign each output on the soundcard to a zone and then use the driver in elve.

Really all that I was looking for is the ability to have more than one output feeding my matrix switch at a time.   The idea is that I can listen to MP3s in the Garage, while someone else is listening to a different set of MP3s elsewhere.  And of course being able to see that in the interface.


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