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Hi guys.
Has anybody got a driver or a method to control an LG smart tv? Just want to do basic stuff like turn on and off.

If you have the rs232 port I know there is documentation floating around for that. There's always IR control too. Are you trying to do it via tcp?

Hey mate.
Thanks for your reply, unfortunately for the moment both RS232 and IR are out of the question.
I was looking at trying to do something like this:

Alternatively I am getting close by firing off a JsonRPC to the XBMC box that is attached.
This basically tells XBMC to turn the TV off with CEC but it is far from ideal and it means that you have to have a box attached to the TV with XBMC running al the time

This looks like a pretty good walkthrough. Wish I had an LG tv to try to help more.

Thanks iostream212.
I had a play around with both methods last night and it seems as though it may be a bit pointless to try control with IP.
The reason being that it seems that the newer TV's don't seem to support WOL as they drop their Wi-Fi connection when they go into standby.
This means that you cannot bring them out of standby, so I'm back to the libcec method and a raspberry pi.
Its a pity as I didn't want to introduce another piece of hardware.


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