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Any clue why this TCP J9Message won't work?


Below are the send and response...  Thanks!!

<J9Message len="74" cksum="123" id="1"><getproperty><dn>lighting</dn><pn>LightLevels</pn><ix>8</ix></getproperty></J9Message>

<J9Message len="362" cksum="57"><error><message>ArgumentException: The value is not a valid datatype.

System.ArgumentException: The value is not a valid datatype.
   at MasterService.TcpListenerServer.tcp_J9MessageReceived(Object sender, J9MessageReceivedEventArgs e)</message><payload><![CDATA[<getproperty><dn>lighting</dn><pn>LightLevels</pn><ix>8</ix></getproperty>]]></payload></error></J9Message>

'lightlevel' should be singular.

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Thanks, IO...  I got that from the scripting identifier.   Is there a list of valid datatypes or something a little more comprehensive than the XML protocol documentation?   I'm trying to get a real decent TCP tablet client solution going using Tasker w/ Send-Expect as opposed to using (what appears to be the much less efficient) RESTful Web Svc to retrieve status and send commands.

Only found this and this . That is weird.  And the index is in range on the array?

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Yes, the index was in range.   :( THIS is why systems engineers shouldn't try to be coders.  ;)

I have taken what I've learned about the RESTful and XML protocols <I'LL SHOW YOU A PAYLOAD CHECKSUM!> and decided to stop being so stubborn and use the Elve Touch interface.  So far so good, other than a couple anomalies surrounding Android  (such as the apparent absence of press and hold).  Elve is so powerful with all options considered, and after fighting other platforms to try to get an easy to use yet intuitive interface (like Premise, Girder, etc.), Elve is a clear champ.  Hope the community continues to carry forward after all the awesome work John has done.

I remember that you had done some work on an XBMC driver...  I'm running Kodi and would love to take a stab at that - still have it?  :D

Attached is the rough draft of a couple screens...

Elve with:
ElkM1G (Security, I/O control)
UPB Lighting/Elec, ZWave Lighting/Locks
Elk, Android, Windows Interfaces
(2) Kodi Media Centers


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