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Simulated Input - Keystrokes - Not Working After Upgrade


I was using the very old

I used the simulated input to send keystrokes to windows media center. This is far more reliable than IR blasting and has never failed me. However, after upgrading to 2.2 (major update) they do not work anymore.

For example, the GUIDE used to be accessed via an action that now says "Simulates pressing and holding the modifier key 17 while the 71 key is pressed and released"

However, I think it should be CNTRL + G, which was probably input as ^ for CNTRL

After upgrading I now get this error in the log:
"An error occurred while executing the script rule "Keys_Guide". ScriptEvaluationException: An unknown error occurred while evaluating the script. ...


The only difference I did was upgrade from to 2.2. It was working for years before that.


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