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Added IR Device Not Showing in Rules


I am on 2.2 and added a new IR Device in the "Infrared Library Manager".

When I go to the actions in the New Rule..Control Device/USB-UIRT/ the new device is not there. The older devices (coming from 1.0) are still there.

So it appears that added IR devices are not showing in the action list in new rules.

Does anyone know if I can go to 1.5 without issue or have I messed that up? 2.2 is not working well for me, lots of bugs.

This was probably operator error since I did not link the new device from the IR library to the USB-UIRT device in the Devices section. I had thought that since I added a "device" in the IR library that is was ready to go. Not the case.

I must have set it up years ago with this bit of knowledge but forgot it a while back. It is a bit tricky, but does make sense now.


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