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Text to Speech
« on: December 12, 2012, 10:05:47 pm »
I am running Elve on Windows 7 which (the 64bit version anyways) only comes With one voice which is Microsoft Anna.  I am not successful in slowing the speech down using the control panel options and I am wondering if there is another override available in Elve.  As it stands now it is very difficult to understand the text to speech (doesn't sound any better than the Elk voice)

Also I have added a modem for caller ID And I would like the system to use text-to-speech to announce the telephone numbers of incoming calls.  Unfortunately though the text to speech functionality and windows treats the telephone numbers as a whole number Whereas I need the system to speak individual digits.  Is there an escape code or something to support this or do I need to write a loop to treat the phone number as a string and extract and speak each character separately?

Thank you!