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Uh Nevermind!; 1st day user: Trouble passing disarm code to Elk M1G


EDIT:  SOLVED, Nothing to See Here!  I had some spaces where there shouldn't have been.  I didn't notice it till I posted them here in "Courier".  Good Grief!  ;D


I'm trying out Elve as a former CQC user, but I'm having trouble passing the keypad code to the Elk for Disarm.  I've studied the example touchscreens and copied the techniques used for the keypad to text input box.  My "Disarm" button uses the following script:

strCode = TouchScreen .codeinputtextentry.Text;
if (strCode .Length == 0 )
       return ;
elkm1.Disarm ( 1, Number (strCode ) );

Unfortunately, I'm getting errors of the following from the Elk Driver.

Failed while executing TouchScreen.disarmbutton.OnMouseClick.
FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format...

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Much Thanks!


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