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Alarm Server driver
« on: February 22, 2016, 06:03:04 pm »
I'll this drop this here in case if is of use to anyone. Zip file contains the source and binary for a driver that listens for alarm notices from my cheap NVR. These notices can be used as triggers via Elve rules.

More details.

I have a MicroSeven NVR (security camera recorder) and the software has a setting to configure an "AlarmServer" with no documentation that describes what this is.  Searches found very little but the software used on this NVR seems pretty similar to software on other cheap NVR's so it may be somewhat common.  When the AlarmServer function is enabled in the NVR, it sends alarm event notices to the server specified. The alarm event notice is JSON formatted.  This driver parses the JSON and raises a trigger in Elve using that info.  Right now, all I see from the NVR are motion detect start and stop events.

The details of the last event received are dumped into driver properties so you can see them and get some visual indication that it's working. 

I have the motion detect start events triggering a message that gets sent to my phone. But I could see this being used to trigger a touch screen switch to a large camera view of the camera that generated the start motion detect event and then reverting back when a stop motion detect event happens.   I haven't really come up with any other use for this.

If the driver is put in debugging mode, it will dump the raw data received, this would be useful if different NVR's format the data differently.