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Connecting PulseWorx PIM-U to USB?

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Deane Johnson:
Just got my new PIM-U today and went to install it as a device in Elve Management Studio and ran into an issue.  It asks for the Com port location and there isn't one.  It's USB.  What to do?


John Hughes:
Heh, yes it doesn't support USB at this time, but I might be able to add this real quick. Let me check if I can track down the USB vendor and product IDs for it.

John Hughes:
I didn't track them down. I'll have to give PCS a call. While I'm at it I'll call Simply Automated as well.

Deane Johnson:
I am perhaps a bit confused.  I think I remember reading somewhere that the USB version emulates a serial version.  I used UpStart to "discover" it's location and it showed it to be on "Com 9".  I then set the Device Configuration in Management Studio to Com 9 and I'm getting a read out in the Elve Management Studio Device Properties showing:

Connected: true
Firmware Version: 5.54
PIM Device ID: 48
PIM Network ID: 255
UPB Version: 3

Does this mean Elve is actually seeing it?  I don't have any UPB devices installed yet, only the PIM.  That, of course, means no network, etc.  But, I set the Network ID to 1 so it would have an entry.

I haven't wanted to install the UPB dimmer switch I purchased for testing until I know I have a PIM working so I can follow through with it's set up.


John Hughes:
Ah ok, you are using a virtual serial port. I believe I saw the driver for that on the PCS website last night.  That should work fine then.  I was going to take the approach of directly communicating with the USB PIM without the need of the virtual serial port driver but since that is working for you I won't pursue that at this time.


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