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I have just gotten around to setting up the web browser, now  that I have a droid, and don't have a app.  I just figured Id post here that the basics of the web interface seems disappointing to the superior PPC and iphone interfaces.  I never knew that the web interface was text only. from the basics/configuration/ I guess I assumed it would have a more GUI feel to it.

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John Hughes:
The stock website is designed to work on any mobile device... even non-smart phones for those who don't have a Droid or iPhone.

However you can create your own graphically rich website if you like. 

John Hughes:
Also the stock web site is designed to work will ALL standard devices since we can't know exactly which specific devices will be installed by the user. This is not really the ideal or most performant way to design an Elve website but it does allow it to work for most setups.

ok, so is there any detailed instructions/easy way to get my TS interfaces to look the same way on the web interface side?... ex. same icons/buttons and such  by using the ones already loaded into the elve directory

John Hughes:

If you know HTML you can create your own web pages and embed j9script into the pages. There is documentation on J9 Server Pages (J9SP) in the online manual.

We will be looking into a Silverlight Viewer in the future which will allow you to use interfaces built in Touch Screen Builder in any web browser which supports Silverlight.


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