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Question about the web interface as I'm finding it to be very unresponsive.

Pulling up default.j9sp comes very quickly however, if try the climatecontrol.j9sp page it takes quite a while to come up (approx 25 seconds).

Security.j9sp takes 60-90 seconds.

Is this normal?

John Hughes:
No that is not normal.

Are you running everything on the same machine or are the services spread over multiple machines?

I have a the web service on my laptop for testing AND on the "main" computer although I've only tried pulling up the pages over the network.

When i try both i get similar times.

Tried locally on the computer running the webserver and got similar delay's.

Any help appreciated :)

John Hughes:
Sorry o should have been more clear. Is the web server running on the same machine as the master service and the driver service?

I've never seen delays like you are seeing.  How old are the machines the services are running on?


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