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Elk Checksum error


I like the system health feature in the console!!!!  but it revealed:

Elk M1 driver: invalid messsage checksum on incoming data: 47PS000000o000K0000`i0000000?00??0001000000000000000000000000000000000085

Per past discussions pre-Elve, i think this is usally a bug with Elk?  Shows thee time in the log...

John Hughes:
The Elve checksum logic hasn't been changed since the driver was created and since we have seen this a couple of times before in the Elk firmware I would assume that it is either a bug in the Elk firmware or possibility electromagnetic interference causing errors on the wire.

I just had this error and I thought i would post what resolved it for me. Under elkrp underr the user that you are using to arm the alarm, uncheck access check box. I spent 2 hours on this, so i thought i would post to maybe save someone else some time :P


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