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I suppose that the writers
« on: October 07, 2017, 03:24:24 am »
I suppose that the writers, Mark Richard and Lauren Signorino, lay it on a touch heavy by way of having Salazar remind Strand that he'll be looking, however otherwise, it's a good scene. i like that Strand's moral code, at this factor, is constrained to in most cases keeping Lola safe in spite of her charitable instincts. Strand's softened his code as properly. he's still seeking to live on, but he's additionally willing to inform others to do what they need to with a view to live to tell the tale, too. specially, telling Madison to take the deal at the dam or be prepared to go away the compound whilst Walker appears decided to ethnically cleanse the white populace off of the land.


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Re: I suppose that the writers
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