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Version 0.21 is now available
« on: April 10, 2010, 06:39:38 pm »
Elve v0.21 is now available for download.

Elve, formerly known as J9 Automation Engine is now available at with free time-limited licenses during the public beta period.

IMPORTANT: After upgrading to version 0.21, each Elve user account must be edited, choose a default touch screen and save. You must save each user account even if you do not change the default touch screen. The user will not have access to touch screens until this is done.

This version has been updated to include our new name, graphics, installation path and other changes related to our new name. Running setup.exe will upgrade your previous J9AE version and migrate your configuration files.

Major changes below have been highlighted blue.

Touch Screen Viewer
* Added new Media Player Seek Slider control.
* Added new Media Player Track Position control. Ex: 1:34
* The On-screen keyboard tab key now tabs to the next text entry field for non-multiline controls.
* Numerous usability improvements to the Sign-In interface.
* In windowed mode the touch screen is centered each time a new one is loaded.
* Fixed: The Media Browser control inadvertently allowed navigating out of the valid page range.
* Fixed: A shown on-screen keyboard is now removed when changing touch screens.
* Fixed: Nested popups were not working.

Touch Screen Viewer Lite
* The Pocket PC app no longer needs to be restarted after changing the settings.
* Fixed: Toggle fullscreen mode was not working in the PC app.
* Fixed: Connection failure messages are now shown in the PC app and PocketPC app.
* Fixed: The PC app not longer tries to reconnect after a bad username/password.
* Fixed: On rare occasions the ppc app could crash during screen interaction after failing to connect.
* Fixed: Nested popups were not working.

Touch Screen Builder
* Touch Screens are now saved/loaded using a hierarchical filesystem-like naming convention. You must edit and resave all your user accounts to ensure they their associated touch screen setting are valid since touch screen names now require a full path.
* The look of a transparent background can now be set to black, white, gray, and several checkered sizes.
* Fixed: Setting an image's opacity when the regional settings used a non-period as the decimal separator would cause an error when the control was edited.
* Fixed: The inner touch screen control was inadvertently loading the specified touch screen.

* Fixed: The IR Library window's delay field was incorrectly allowing decimal numbers to be entered.
* For a first time installation, the admin account's default touch screen now defaults to "\General Purpose Sample\General Purpose Main".

Setup Installer
* Fixed: The installer was installing all items even if unchecked.

* Scripting error descriptions now include a snippet of the line with the error.

Production Drivers
* All production drivers have had their version number increased to 1.0.

iTunes Support
* Added support for named playlists.

Russound Support
* Updated for XM radio support.

CM15A Support
* Outgoing commands are now logged.

* Fixed: The log entries are now date stamped with a higher precision resulting is better ordering for events which occur within the same millisecond.

RESTful Web Service
* All requests now return xml, see the documentation for changes.
* All date formats are now consistent, see the documentation for changes.

3rd Party Drivers
* 3rd Party drivers should now be placed in a "Drivers" subdirectory in the program files path.

Driver SDK
* Fixed: The SerialCommunication class's connection monitoring system was failing to send the bytes specified in ConnectionMonitorTestBytes.

Built-in Web Server
* Fixed: The web server did not work on Windows 7.
Thanks for all the great user feedback and user provided device drivers.  If you are a .net software developer and are interested in a free software license, please see the Device Driver Development Incentive Program.

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