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Here's a quick video of making my Russound tuner channel buttons.
Keep in mind these are very simple buttons since they are basically just an image from the channel logo but the button making principals are the same, ie layers and transparencies etc.
Hopefully this will help someone start their own project.
I made it 1280x720 for detail so it may be hard to view on smaller res screens, sorry.
Here it is.
Keep in mind, I didn't put much time into this so it lacks the "production" touches.

Very nice. Now I've got to get a program that has a "buttonize" function. That is worth its weight in gold. I've been using Gimp and some other software and have had to create effects.

Thanks for the info.

You want it even easier, look for "web button creator". Does it all for you including the "standard" 3d buttons that everyone likes to use.

John Hughes:
Nice video!


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