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John Hughes:
Here is a preview of the new Festive Touch Screen Sample which will be available with the upcoming v1.2 release.

This is a 1280 x 1024 interface.

Please let us know what you think and make any suggestions you like.

The media screens need quite a bit of work but they are coming along.

John Hughes:
Screenshots are in this post.

John Hughes:
More screenshots here

John Hughes:
This will be the first interface we have released which heavily uses maxtrix zones and sources. The music icon will initially support the Russound driver but it can easily be changed to support the Nuvo drivers as well.

This means when a user selects a zone, only those controls applicable to the zone's current source will be shown (for example media player controls versus Blu-ray controls). Users can change a zone's source as well.

We will post updated screenshots of this functionality over the next few days.

John, I've always been curious about this.... who exactly is "we"??
How many people make up codecore tech? and who are they?


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