Author Topic: HOW TO: Turn off lights when leaving home  (Read 1983 times)

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HOW TO: Turn off lights when leaving home
« on: April 21, 2010, 09:40:14 pm »
The following rule demonstrates how to turn off all the lights when an Elk M1 security system is fully set to Away Mode (after the exit timer).

This rule assumes you have an Elk M1 device named "elkm1" and a ZWave device named "lighting".  Similar rules can be used with the HAI Omni Pro and other lighting devices.

The following report was automatically created by the Rule Report toolbar button in the Rules window.

Rule Name: Armed Away
Group Name:
Description: Turn off all lights when alarm system is fully armed to away.
Enabled: Yes
Log: No

  Device Name: Elk M1  (elkm1)
  Event Name: Area Status Change

Whenever Filters:
  AreaID: 1
  ArmStatus: Armed Away (1)
  ArmUpState: Armed Fully (4)

Action List:
1.  Turn off all  Z-Wave (ViziaRF RZC0P)  lights.

Auto-Generated Script:

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