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Prophecy - Open Sourced Communication Library


John Hughes:
Today I open sourced "Prophecy", the communications library which Elve uses to communicate with itself and many hardware devices. The project is licensed under the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL).

The Prophecy home page is located here:

Prophecy is a free, open source developer focused communications framework for the Microsoft .NET platform intent on simplifying communications, message extraction, connection monitoring and reconnections using interchangeable classes for TCP, UDP, Serial Port, and USB.

Prophecy is a unified framework providing a consistent interface and events to communicate via Sockets, Serial Port and USB (HID).

The framework offers the following benefits:

* The classes are interchangeable since they implement the same interface.
* Automatic connection monitoring and reconnection with events for connections and lost connections. (Excludes UDP since it is a connection-less protocol).
* Automatic incoming message parsing based on a specified end of line delimiter.
* Supports binary and non-binary protocols.
* Automatic string decoding for ASCII, UTF8, or other non-binary based protocols.
* A built in buffer for received data.

John Hughes:
PS: This also opens the door to open sourcing the Touch Screen Viewer Lite application.


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