Author Topic: HOW TO: Run a Elve scene from ISY  (Read 2378 times)


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HOW TO: Run a Elve scene from ISY
« on: December 25, 2011, 10:02:32 am »
The android community is currently waiting for Elve support.  So you are out of luck if you want to control scenes and other aspects of the Elve system on your android device, right? Wrong! Using the HTTP API you can control scenes and devices from your Elve system from your android. Better yet, Conductor and MobiLinc allow program widgets to be created on your home screen.  Create a program in ISY and use the program widget to turn a Elve scene on/off.

Prerequisites: Elve, a scene, ISY, ISY networking module, droid device, MobiLinc or Conductor

Step 1. Get the scene name.  The proper name for use with the HTTP API is the scripting identifier and not the display name.

Step 2. Create the network resource in ISY.
Here is a screenshot of the network resource. Note that the scripting identifier of a scene ends with '()'. These characters are coded in the url as %28%%29. Add authentication to the request by clicking the 'Add' button and choosing 'Authorization'. Enter the credentials of a Elve account that has access to 3rd party remote access and control features. If you are unsure, log into EMS and open the user account.  The bottom check box under the general tab needs to be enabled.

Step 3. Create the program in ISY
The program simply runs the network resource when triggered. For my Elve tv scenes I created the program below to activate the scene from the then path and deactivate the scene from the else path.

Code: [Select]
   - No Conditions - (To add one, press 'Schedule' or 'Condition')
        Resource 'Master TV On'
        Resource 'Master TV Off'

Step 4. At this point you can log into the ISY interface and run your program and trigger the Elve scene.  Follow step 5 to add this functionality on your droid.

Step 5. Create a MobiLinc/Conductor widget on your droid
Press and hold on an empty area on the desired home screen and select widgets when the 'Add to home screen' dialog appears. Scroll down to 'Conductor for INSTEON' or 'MobiLinc Pro Widget 1x1.' Follow the directions to add the widget. Conductor widgets for programs must specify which program path to run. To achieve on/off control of a scene, create two widgets.
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