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I may be missing the obvious, but how do I create a rule for when the HAI has gone into alarm mode and also detect what type of alarm is occurring?  For example, I want to create rule when a fire alarm trips or when a CO detector trips, etc..

John Hughes:
I believe the alarm types are still on our to do list. I'll need to check.

Hi John

My version of the driver can do this, however, I have been having a couple of issues with the driver timing out, although I did get this with the original version, so not sure if its anything I have done.


John Hughes:
Just to clarify, I sent the driver source code to Paul and he has made some changes/additions to the driver.

Paul, if your changes are stable and you don't mind contributing them to the community we would be happy to incorporate them.

Which property/event are you thinking of that shows the HAI has gone into alarm mode?

It creates the functionality by using the events.
Everytime an event is created it generates an elve event which I use a rule to decide on the action.

The default driver knows the system is in an alarm state, and an elve event is created, however, it doesn't know which type of alarm it is.  (AreaArmStatus)

With regards to my driver, I am still having a couple issues with it, but not had chance to spend as much time recently on it. I have been using it on my setup for the last 2-3 months though. I have a rule send me an SMS when the alarm is active telling me which type of alarm is it, and which user then subsequently turns it off.



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