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Touch Screen Viewer Applications

There are several similar touch screen viewer applications available which can all be used to control your system via any of your touch screen interfaces. The following will help you determine which application best fits your needs.

Touch Screen Viewer

This application provides the highest performance of the viewer applications. It is ideal for use on pc's which are in the same local area network (LAN) as the Master Service installation. Special configuration is required for use over the internet. The Touch Service is not required to use this application.

Summary: Use on same LAN as the Master Service.

Touch Screen Viewer Lite

This is recommended for use when connecting from the internet, when screen scaling is needed, when running from a portable USB flash drive for use anywhere you go, or on slower pc's. Because this is a thin client application it is smaller and self contained so you can copy the TouchScreenViewerLite.exe file onto a usb flash drive and use it anywhere. The performance is not quite as quick as the full Touch Screen Viewer application and it does not support the web browser user interface control. At least one Touch Service must be installed (usually on the same machine as the Master Service) to use this application.

Compatibility: Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux,

Summary: Use when connecting from the internet, when screen scaling is needed, when running from a usb flash drive, or on slow pc's.

Elve Mobile

Elve Mobile is a thin client application which uses the Remote Touch Screen Protocol to communicate with Elve Touch Service. The majority of the processing is done in the Elve Touch Service while the mobile device displays data sent from the server and sends user interactions such as screen touches to the server. Elve Touch Service processes the user interactions, monitors dynamic screen changes, and sends screen updates to the Elve Mobile application.

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Third Party Viewers

Elve has an open interface architecture which allows 3rd parties to create applications which support Elve.

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